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How to do Successful B2B Email Marketing?


Successful B2B Email Marketing – B2B (business to business) email marketing is a strategy that works to send messages and collect valuable information for companies that are focused on customers who are also companies or professionals. Since it is about doing business with organizations, not people like consumers in a retail store, you must consider specific points to create an efficient and successful communication channel.

How to do Successful B2B Email Marketing?

How to do Successful B2B Email Marketing?

1. Use Email to Offer Valuable Information to your Leads or Customers

The clients of a B2B business generally hire services or products that require significant investment: machinery, software, personnel to carry out the activities of an entire department, etc. Therefore, decision-making is a painstaking process.

When you send your emails, make sure that you share all the information they request or that it will be helpful to them to understand your advantages and reasons to close a deal with your company, as well as offer points of contact to delve into details arise at the moment.

2. Make Sure you Take into Account all their Needs

By this, we mean that on more than one occasion, you will find the opportunity to expand your range of services, and your clients can take advantage of that. In other words, if a company hires you to take care of only one aspect of its operations, but you can take care of more, then do everything possible so that your client or lead knows all the solutions you can provide.

It may not happen from the beginning; however, once they verify that you have reasonable solutions, you open the door to cross-selling or up-selling

3. Create a Segmented Database

Any email marketing strategy needs a good, up-to-date, and well-organized database, especially since once it starts. You will have to move your contacts through the buyer’s journey, and they will not always move in unison.

That means that, over time, the messages you send will not always be the same for everyone. You will have to pay attention to who is already ready to close a deal. Who needs more information to decide, and who is not yet familiar with your solutions.

4. Talk to Decision Makers in Every Area, not just CEOs

We advise that not everything you send should go to the highest management positions. Especially since they do not even open the email in many situations. It would help if you located who makes decisions at any company level because that is also how you build relationships throughout the organization. In this way, several positions will recognize you as one of their most valuable suppliers. And they will share more contacts with you.

5. Design your Email Marketing Campaigns based on Actions

Each stage you attend to your leads or clients should have an email that follows up, from the first introductory message to one that grants special prices for their loyalty as a client. That also boosts your segmentation

It includes calls to action, such as filling out forms, playing videos, downloading guides, or scheduling appointments. Save the time of your customers and leads by including this type of action when considering it. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on opportunities if you wait for them to come to your website on their own to share their responses to a quiz.

So that you can see these tips in action, we share these examples that we think are excellent examples of how to do good B2B email marketing.

Examples of B2B Email Marketing


DocuSign is a handy platform for companies that carry out business transactions or hire people from different latitudes. Thanks to it, they can safely sign sensitive documents and legal statutes. Therefore, its email marketing strategy design to advise those who use it, offering up-to-date information on legal frameworks. And guides that guarantee transparency, clarification of doubts, and good use of its tool.

2. Trello

Surely you already know this, but Trello is an excellent tool for managing work teams, especially remotely. The company knows this, so it seeks to offer options that adapt to the type of needs that this work model demands. Therefore, wants its users to be aware of trends in this area.

From time to time, their email marketing offers articles that talk about the future of employment. A topic in constant movement, with informative data and tips to make the most of it, especially if they have Trello.

3. Canvas

Any professional who has used Canva knows that this platform also cares about educating its registrant base. In addition to tracking your creations and giving you access to your recent designs and history, it identifies the region from which you connect. And obtains information about the most popular templates, for example, the type of pieces that are most searched for.

From there, create a selection you’ll share in your email marketing messages, like this one we showed, which talks about designs for YouTube thumbnails.

Check out these tools that will boost your B2B email marketing presence.


In B2B (business to business) Digital Marketing, we face a target with particular purchasing habits, much longer sales cycles, and specific needs. This means that our marketing strategies will have to adapt to different rules.

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