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Benq Gaming Monitor – Full Guide

Benq Gaming Monitor

It BenQ gaming monitor is playing and being the best is no longer just a matter of skill. The equipment is essential to take advantage of our rivals, and we have seen it several times.

A good gaming setup can count on an exact and adapted mouse. We can have many little lights and a very comfortable chair, but none of that will work if we do not have a monitor to match, like this BenQ model that we just found with a great offer on Amazon.

Image and sound for Benq Gaming Monitor

This 144Hz monitor has a blazing-fast 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) and Free Sync Premium to minimize blurring and artefacts.

IPS wide-angle display shows more vivid and authentic colours from any angle. We’re talking about an IPS panel that integrates BenQ’s proprietary technology with Hydric, which optimizes images for better colour, contrast, and detail in all games.

If we don’t have the right speakers, it’s no problem, as this Nan monitor has tremolos audio, which increases details and offers the right power for shorting games and those in which soundtracks predominate.

With an Interesting Discount

The usual price of this monitor is almost 280 euros, which is an attractive price. The good news is that right now. It can be ours on Amazon for only 219 euros.

This means that we are talking about a 22% discount. Therefore, as long as the request is approved, we can have it at home by paying 21.90 euros per month in 10 months without interest.

What makes a BenQ Good Gaming Monitor?

The usual question is, why are some monitors said to be for “gaming”? Well, you probably have a standard or “normal” monitor and feel like it doesn’t have enough performance you need for gaming, or you’re already a big gamer and thinking about getting a new monitor.

Still, you’re unsure which model, brand, and what to expect. All prices, since “normal” monitors, become cheaper.

We’ll look at what features gaming vs. standard monitors have, what to look for when choosing a gaming monitor, and the things that make a good gaming monitor.

Characteristics of a Gaming Monitor

Characteristics of a Gaming Monitor

We’ll look at what features gaming vs. standard monitors have, what to look for when choosing a gaming monitor, and the things that make a good gaming monitor.

And now a Bit of Term

Like most things in life, the gaming monitor concept is relative. That is to say, when we buy a monitor and start to use it to play games, it automatically becomes a gaming monitor.

It can do an excellent job in most tasks, you can even display games in high graphics, but they will not do entirely well, and you will always feel that something strange happens there.

Every day, home monitors do a better job at basic tasks and the office—word processing, web browsing, casual video streaming, light gaming, etc.

Quick Response makes Gaming Experience Amazing

Read the specifications of any monitor, and you will see the response time. That’s how fast the panel can update each pixel, measured in milliseconds.

Manufacturers test how quickly a pixel can change between shades of gravy, and on gaming monitors, they need to be as close to zero as possible, i.e., one mos.

They should still work up to 5ms, but regular monitors tend to be slower, which isn’t practical for gaming.

If you don’t see a reply time spec, don’t buy that monitor. Slow screen response times cause numerous gaming issues, especially pixel tracking and ghosting.

Fresh Frame

Since we’ve talked about response time, it’s the refresh rate. That’s the number of times a monitor can update its screen per second, and we use hertz (Hz) for that.

In games, the minimum these days is 60Hz, but if you can get a monitor with 100Hz or more, all the better.

Faster refresh rates are great for first-person shooters or any other genre where quick responses from players are needed.

Rapid updating is a must in competitive games. If a monitor is slow to refresh, not only does it compromise speed, image quality is affected by screen tearing and, once again, ghosting.

The latter is incredibly annoying. as the image seems to be stretched across the screen because the monitor can’t keep up with the demands of the gaming hardware

Less Image Processing of Benq Gaming Monitor

Standard monitors try to be all things and usually do a lot of image processing to ensure they look their best in every scenario for gaming, that isn’t good.

Worse yet, the cheap models include fixed image processing that cannot turn off.

And recall, every process applied to the image adds a delay because the monitor’s scalar must work.

That delay makes input lag or the time amid the game’s hardware outputting a signal and what the monitor displays.

A lot of processing like image sharpening, noise reduction, dynamic colors, contrast adjustment, movie mode, theater mode, etc., will only slow you down. Sure, that can be great when working on design or watching a movie,

Connections and Sound

Basic monitors may have only one video output and no audio. They can give you Display Port or an HDMI.

A gaming screen will have at least one of the latest versions of HDMI (HDMI 2.0b, for example), a Display Port, multiple USB ports, built-in speakers, and a phone jack or external sound system.

It’s not Just the Brand that Matters.

So, here is the result gaming monitors are so called since they are designed for the particular needs of video games.

They have panels with high response speed and refresh rates – you already know the difference. If keep input lag to a least and don’t add hassle to your image.

They have audio if you want to use it. Plus, gaming monitors have the image excellence that allows games to shine with accurate cooler.

It is true HDR at the native level without excessive processing to slow it down. Any good brand will use premium panels on these models and test them carefully for speed and accuracy.


The time has originated to buy a new gaming monitor for our PC or console. There are many things to consider.

A resolution, screen size, refresh rate, response time, and type of panel, curved or flat. .and we could continue.

So we’ve decided to contribute to that decision by compiling a quick but definitive guide. To give you a better idea of ​​what’s on offer in gaming monitors.

We’re sure this will help find a good display for everyone’s gaming needs. Whether professional competitive multiplayer gamers are looking for the highest frame rates or single-player. In campaign fans who love to immerse themselves in every pixel.

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