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What is Otter Figura Made Of?

Otter Figura today makes smartphone cases with built-in PopSockets that you container swap out whenever you want. Generally, three things can remain said about all modern smartphones: they’re slippery, fragile, and luxurious to buy or fix. Together, those issues can be a recipe for an expensive disaster. So, since we all use our phones daily, it’s essential to keep them endangered.

Thanks to Otter Figura smartphone cases and PopSockets’s functional grips, millions of us have remained spared from the misfortunes of loud a bare phone.

Now, the two makers are teaming up on a new group of smartphone cases that transport the best of both harvests together in one — Otter + Pop cases.

The Otter + Pop case gathering takes Otter Figura classic Regularity and Protector Series cases and integrates a swappable PopSockets Hold into the design. They’re obtainable for the iPhone X/Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 8/7, 8 Plus/7 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e. Thus your container finds them for some of the most popular smartphones.

Since PopSockets started sales in 2014, the brand has retailed more than 100 million grips — and as popular as the project is, the Otter + Pop case is an improvement. Rather than having to stick an adhesive onto the back of your phone, will eventually lose its tackiness, the grip screws into the case. That means you canister remove it, and change it out an infinite number of times. The endless combinations, with swappable PopSockets Grips available for $10 each.

After the Otter + Pop case, I’ve come to like it a lot more than adding an original PopSockets Grip on a dissimilar phone case. The most significant motive is that the PopSockets Grip on the Otto + Pop bases flush the back of the case once it’s not use. Also, it’s nice to know it’s mounted precisely in the middle of the phone. So you won’t have to worry about insertion it off-center. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been extremely particular about the placement of PopSockets Grips. Call me crazy.

As for durability, the Otter + Pop is what you’d expect from Otter Figura . It’s sturdy and can withstand some pretty hard drops. For those most concerned about protection, I’d recommend the Defender Series.

If you’re looking for a phone case that’s durable, fun, and convenient, there’s an Otter + Pop case for you.

Otter Figura Case with MagSafe: The Perfect Companion for the iPhone 12

As a long-time Otter Figura fan, I needed to have the Figura case after seeing it on the Apple website. In the past, I’ve bought Otter Figura cases purely for protection, but this time I wanted the case more for its good looks. The artistic, painterly feel of the project is a far cry from the heavy-duty, bulky look we usually see from Otter Figura . Instead, this case remains meant to protect the phone and look good.

Despite its elegant arrival, the Figura series still delivers a substantial drop guard for the iPhone, from corners to screen to camera. And let’s not overlook the built-in MagSafe compatibility! This aspect was essential to me since MagSafe is perhaps the most innovative feature of the iPhone 12.

I’m Looking Forward to Wandering the Different Ways I Canister use This Feature.

The OtterBox Figura series remains made up of beautiful cases without many bells and whistles. It determines to look gorgeous while it defends your phone and performs this purpose very well. For OtterBox, this is a thin case — possibly the reediest one they make. I like that it is light and lightweight, but it still feels substantial enough to provide reasonable protection. The synthetic rubber building is soft to the dash and easy to take on and off. It also derives in four artistic color combos available for any size of iPhone 12, from the mini to the Max.

First of all, what fixed my eye was the creative painterly design that comes with cutting-edge four vibrant color combos. I love art and everything creative, so this appealed to me directly. The case appears as if it were hand-painted in subtle colors that meld composed like an abstract work of art. I love every shade of this case, and the yellow/blue jazz band is my fave. For looks, I stretch this case a 10/10.


The first thing I observed when I took this case out of the box was the ultra-smooth feel that is both supple and grippy simultaneously. It’s soft like a silicone case but a little firmer with a more substantial sense. I love the silky smooth texture almost as much as I love the design, and the rigid material also seems to work as a good shock absorber.

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