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Roth Turntable – Music, Player, Features, And More

Roth Turntable

A device that reproduces sound or musical records is called a Roth turntable. The device features a rotating cymbal on which the form sits and a pickup system connecting to a loudspeaker.

It is essential to mention that the records that a turntable plays are vinyl records: circular-shaped plastic sheets on which sounds are recorded.

Among the media for audio storage, these discs succeeded phonograph cylinders and preceded cassettes.

Music Player of Roth Turntable

A turntable allows you to play vinyl records.

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To understand what a turntable is, it is necessary to consider several issues. Humans have recorded sound (sound waves) on different media throughout history.

This allows the performance of a song, for example, to record on a particular material and then played back on the appropriate device.

Features of Roth Turntable

A turntable is equipped with an electric motor that allows the platter where the records place on rotate at a constant speed. It also has a tonearm and a tone capsule.

The arm is responsible for traversing the disc and provides support to the capsule that houses the plectrum or needle.

Both elements make it possible to follow the grooves of the disc. As for the pill, the transducer converts the mechanical energy -generated with the movement of the plectrum over the tracks of the record- into electrical power.

Disc Format

Records played on a turntable can be of different sizes record at different speeds.

The largest are called LPs (from the English expression extended play) or long-playing records, which have a diameter of 12 inches (30.5 centimetres).

The LPs record at 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute. Its capacity is about 25 minutes of audio per side.

Enjoy your Bluetooth Turntables

Enjoy your Bluetooth Turntables

Bluetooth turntables might seem strange, but nothing could be further from the truth.

These devices allow you to play your vinyl collection without having a hi-fi system and with all the comfort that a wireless connection offers.

Everything you need to distinguish between getting started on Vinyl

Vinyl records are highly appreciated by audiophiles thanks to the large number of nuances they offer.

Being an analogy audio format, they contain more information than digital audio tracks, so you will be able to appreciate all the dynamics with which your favourite group recorded their album.

However, to enjoy them, you need a hi-fi system. Next, we will tell you some elements that cannot be missing when listening.

The Turntable is Essential

To be able to play this format, you need a turntable. This device consists of a needle responsible for traversing the microscopic grooves of the record and amplifying them through its phone output.

With them, you able to play, in general, registers at 33 and 45 pm, which are the two standards with which most vinyl records and singles record.

An Audio Equipment at the Height

But to get the most out of this format, you must have a team up to the task. For starters, the amp you plug into should have a phone input, which is what most turntables use.

On the other hand, you will need high-fidelity speakers to appreciate each of the nuances. And finally, do not forget about the cables.

Many people save at this point; it is the easiest way to ruin the audio experience.

What Should a Good Turntable have?

Once you know everything you need to play your vinyl, we will tell you about some common elements that all turntables should have.

Double play: As we mention, vinyl records play at two speeds: 33 rpm (revolutions per minute) for ten and 12-inch records and 45 rpm for single format records (10 and 7 inches).

7-inch drive adapter: In line with the previous point, you can check that your turntable comes with an adapter for more minor records. However, you can also buy it separately.

Needle: This element is differential in the sound since it is the first one in charge of collecting the sound of the disc. While most budget options save here, you can always upgrade your needle over time.

Phone output: This is a standard in the vinyl industry, so every model on the list has one. Of course, you must ensure that your amplifier also has this port.

Design: Currently, there are very designed turntables, which will be the center of attention in your living room.

Wireless connection: Finally, in this article, we have compiled the main alternatives with Bluetooth connections.

A way to save yourself the investment in more expensive equipment is to be able to listen to your vinyl on your wireless speaker, your sound bar, or your headphones.

Bluetooth Turntable to get Started

We start with some of the most basic Bluetooth turntables. With them, you’ll start in the exciting world of analogy music without over-investing, especially considering that you’ll be able to connect them wirelessly.

Audio Technical AT-LP60XBT: Fully Automatic

Audio Technical is one of the recognise turntable manufacturers on the planet. With their AT-LP60XBT, they offer all the great features of their AT-LP60X stereo model but with the addition of wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

This turntable is fully automatic and can pair with speakers, headphones, or other wireless devices.

Sony PS-LX310BT: the Cheapest

Another of the most exciting options to enter the world of analogy sound is the Sony PS-LX310BT. This turntable is one of the cheapest on the list and has everything you need to play your vinyl.

It has the possibility of connecting by Bluetooth or by cable, and it also has a gain switch.

Its arm has an auto-play function that detects the record groove and will return to its home position when the entire record play.

This will allow you to obtain a pre-amplification with which you will have greater output power for the equipment that needs it.

Pro-Jest Juke Box E: the most Modern

Pro-Jest is one of the latest brands to enter the world of Bluetooth turntables, and the Juke Box E offers an exciting input range.

It features a minimalist design in three colours and bills itself as “a turntable, phone stage, BT receiver, line preamp and power amp” all in one.

Thanks to these features, you will only need a pair of speakers or headphones to enjoy music.

The Best high-end Bluetooth Turntables

Finally, we will analyze some models at the top of the market due to design or performance. And in case you’re wondering, warn that the most legendary brand, Techniques, still doesn’t have a wireless option.


While for some, vinyl lives a second youth as if it were a cyclical fashion, for others.  It never left but instead constituted a unique and memorable way of enjoying music.

Whatever your case. If you are thinking of buying a turntable check out what the experience is like.

To take advantage of those old legacy albums, in this turntable buying guide. If you will find a series of recommendations to approach this world and a selection of featured models for different budgets.

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