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How to Plan Home Interiors?

How to Plan Home Interiors?

Is the plan home interiors of your house dull, and has it become outdated? Easily create your home design floor plan to refresh any room in your house.

Home By Me enables you to design your whole home and tour it 3D. Build your 2D floor plan, furnish it and watch it be brought to life with our 3D technology.

Plan Home Design of your House Online


The first step is to create the design of the house and then gradually shape the appearance you want it to have after the reform.

Online floor plans are beneficial in any home design project because they allow you to try out different furniture layouts, paint colors, decorate styles, and visualize them in 3D before deciding.

You can also use online home project software to create truthful images of your new home, which you can share with others to get feed-back and adjust your design.

Redesign the Plan Home Interior of your House with Home By Me

Are you planning to reform or redesign your home? Easily plan your home design project online with Home By Me, even if you have no design experience! Get started with our free online floor plan software, or save time by outsourcing your project to our floor plan creation service.

Follow these easy steps to create your home design from star to finish in just one weekend.

How to Plan your Home Design with Home By Me

Draw your Floor Plan Layout

The intuitive Home By Me software allows you to create the home design you’ve always wanted without prior experience or knowledge. Start building your floor plan by drawing the walls and including the doors and windows. If you’re short on time, our floor plan creation service can make you one from a sketch.

Furnish your House

Add flooring and decorate the walls with paint or wallpaper to bring your design to life. Then, choose the furniture, appliances, equipment and other home accessories from our extensive catalogue. Buy branded products directly through their link or choose generic products that you can customize to your liking. Once you’ve added the items, you want, drag, rotate, duplicate, or swap them with similar items until you have the design you want.

In Search of a Cozy Atmosphere

The main objective that we set ourselves is that the house is welcoming. The idea is that we feel comfortable in it, that everything is well organized, so we functionally access each room.

What is the Use of Having a Labyrinthine Dwelling?

An important aspect is that every millimeter is used while the rooms are distributed to our liking.

Natural light is another aspect of value. It allows energy savings, enhances interior colors, and achieves an interesting internal harmony. A spacious and bright apartment makes each room more welcoming and the house sustainable. What about gloomy environments? They are less comfortable and are not suitable for our mood.

New Plan Home Interiors Designs

An important idea when working on a home project is the proper relationship between the environments. A triumphant modern trend is the union of different rooms into one. That is, the simple fact of having several spaces joined together makes the house improve its organizational conditions and be more comfortable.


The room that occupies the most space is the living-dining room because it is where the owners spend the most time. It communicates directly with the kitchen. Narrow and very long. At the opposite end are the bedroom and bathroom.

In the County Town

With the scarce 47 m2 that the house has, all the spaces are surprisingly spacious. The miracle-sized architect was the interior designer Montsec Dostal, in charge of the decoration, who opted to make all the rooms of the social area coexist in a single open space: dining room, living room and kitchen.

Enjoy the Views

House Room Overview
• Runs along entire façade.
• Comprises living-dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
• Located at house’s entrance.

Make a Visit to your Project and Share Images in HD


When you have finished planning your home design, you can take a 3D virtual tour of the property with a first-person view. Generate high-definition 3D images of your arrangement and print or share them online with friends and project partners for feedback. The advanced Home By Me software allows you to generate high-definition 360° views of your property to show the full potential of your interior design.

Get Accurate Measurements

Accuracy is vital when planning a space, especially when making an initial plan, so getting your measurements right is a must. We recommend outlining the place and carefully measuring every detail. Designers often work within a defined range of furniture and accessories measurements to prevent potential problems and achieve the perfect fit both proportionally and aesthetically.

Consider Ergonomics

Furniture style follows function. Once we have determined the role of the room and the amount of space available, we can begin to figure out which furniture will work best. Function and play are essential, but we must not forget comfort.

When we talk about ergonomics, we refer to analyzing what we will do for space. We must observe that it prevents us from being comfortable and try to eliminate all the disturbing elements.


When a professional decorator or an interior design enthusiast finds an empty room. The same feeling arises as a writer in front of a blank sheet of paper or a painter in front of a new canvas. Some believe that planning space is as simple as placing a sofa, putting a wardrobe, and there is space to move around and… voilà! We already have a lounge. Of course, that’s not how it works. Successfully planning rooms in a home requires considering a variety of tangibles: function, physical limitations, size, or furnishings, to name a few.

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