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Noise Earpods – Specifications, Portability And A Detailed Review

Noise earpods are one of the best products of the noise company. Right now, various True Wireless Stereo alternatives are available from multiple companies and price points. However, one of the well-known budget audio firms, Noise, allowed us to review one of their most recent products. So what was our experience with the Noise Buds Play? They appeared to be highly decent earphones for roughly Rs 3,000.

Noise Earpods Specifications And Features

According to the noise, the earpods have Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology with a quad mic arrangement and HyperSync technology, which instantly pairs the earphones with the most current smartphone after opening the charging case lid.

The recently released earbuds include 10mm electro-dynamic drivers that can reproduce a broad frequency range between 20Hz and 20KHZ. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, the noise earpods have Instacharge technology, which enables customers to get 2 hours of playtime from a single 10-minute charge.

The noise earpods have an IPX5 grade for water resistance and Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity. According to Noise, the earpods have a 50-hour playback time. According to the company, users can control the volume and accept or decline calls by tapping their earbuds. They also support Siri and Google Assistant.

Noise Earpods The Best Way Of Going Wireless

Not having to untangle the cables after every use is the only significant benefit of having a pair of wireless noise earpods. In addition, there is a high level of comfort that comes with this hassle-free experience.

BT wireless earbuds offer so much more convenience and versatility. Whatever the task, you can move around wherever you choose without being constrained by the wires.

As a result, you have more room to maneuver. You can move around while on a call for work or dance around the house while playing music.  You can easily pair your smartphone with BT 5.0 and benefit from its extensive range.

Ease Of Use

Noise earpods versatility extends beyond merely hands-free calling. Some variations provide extra capabilities that let you manage your music and conduct a quick online search.

Both the Noise Shots Ergo and the Noise Shots Rush include a hands-free mode. Right from the earbud, you may answer and reject call, manage the playback, and change the level.

It immediately leads to less reliance on your smartphone, allowing you to accomplish more without continually reaching into your pocket.

Additionally, if you like the two mentioned above, make it simple to use Siri and the Google voice assistant, enabling you to quickly conduct searches and reply to SMS.

Portability With Noise Earpods

The ease of portability of wireless earbuds is another essential feature that tips the scales in their favor. Most Bluetooth wireless earbuds come in little casings with built-in charging mechanisms.

One such instance is the Noise Shots X1 Air. In addition to the 5 hours of battery life already offered by the noise earpods, the case carrying the earbuds provides an extra 10 hours of battery life. Add to that the ease of having the case in your pocket wherever you go.Noise Earpods

The Noise Shots Ergo and Noise Shots Nuvo are comparable choices in small, portable cases. However, the Noise Shots Rush takes the idea further by offering continuous replay for 24 hours.

The 6 hours of run time provided by the earbuds alone is supplemented by three extra charges of 6 hours each from the charging case. Talk about literally pulling the plug on wires.

Sound Check

Contrary to widespread assumption, modern wireless BT earbuds can deliver equal or more outstanding sound quality than their cable equivalent.

Sometimes the difference in question is too small to make a difference. Going wireless offers us all enhanced utility and convenience, making it the logical decision.

Not to mention the steadily shifting consumer demand and desire for wireless, mirrored by manufacturing facilities.

Older wireless models frequently compressed audio, producing a harsh, digital sound. True wireless earbuds can now stream in improved quality thanks to their advanced audio distribution profile.

The Noise Shots Groove competes with the most excellent wired equipment by giving users that satisfying bass punch. You can feel every thud and “groove” to it because it was specifically made to inspire your inner ballerinas or hip-hoppers.

It would help if you decided whether to invest; we only offer the analysis. The new market giants are wireless earbuds, so getting a pair now will prepare you well for the future.

Detailed Review On Noise Earpods

Noise earpods are one of the best Bluetooth devices in the market, acquiring its medium range. The battery life and the sound are pretty good, and the design is compatible with the ear. The earphones are lightweight (3.6 grams) and cozy to wear. Additionally, even when the head is aggressively shaken, it fits appropriately into the ears and does not fall out. Further, as soon as the charging case is opened, the earbuds are paired or connected to the smartphone, making pairing easy.

Noise Earpods Audio Quality

Any earphone’s primary function is to deliver high-quality audio. Given the pricing, I didn’t have high hopes for the audio quality, but wow, was I wrong! The audio quality is undistorted when turned up and clear at both the minimum and maximum volumes. In addition, the concentration on bass and the mids are similar to that of most inexpensive earbuds, which is a tune configuration that most people want, including me.

I was surprised to find that the active noise suppression feature worked effectively. Most background noises—such as whirling fans, speeding motorcycles, barking dogs, and the like—were too loud to hear. However, you may still hear the voices of individuals chatting, particularly high-pitched ones. It should be noted that the business claims that Air Buds Pro can reduce noise by up to -25db. I could still hear my surroundings while listening to music in the transparency mode, which was also adequate.

Because of the 10m wireless range, I could go downstairs and still hear what was being said while my phone stayed on the first floor.

Noise Earpods – Sensor Control

The Noise earpods have sensors at the top of both earplugs that allow for simple touch motions to manage volume, music, calls, Siri and Google Assistant, transparency, and ANC mode. Although changing the music and volume was simple, I had trouble managing calls and switching between the transparency and ANC modes.Noise Earpods

Sometimes the ANC mode would not activate even after three taps on the right earbud, and vice versa. Adjusting the earbuds while on a call frequently resulted in call termination. Noise needs to address the fact that some fundamental gestures are susceptible to unintentional touches. Strangely, there isn’t a setting for regular audio listening; ANC is either on or off.

Noise Earpods Review On Battery Life

The noise earpod’s battery life is average at best. I got about 4 hours of battery life out of the earbuds when using them in transparency mode. The battery lasts for about three hours when the ANC mode is used. The earphones can take up to 1.5 hours to fully charge, while the case takes about an hour.

Noise Earpods – The Overall Verdict

In the few times, I’ve had them, I’ve liked listening to the Noise earpods, and the audio quality is excellent for the amount they want. Both the ANC feature and the transparency mode work well. Additionally, it receives high marks for comfort and usability.

Having said that, customers looking for longer on a single charge could have benefited from higher battery life. At 2,999, the Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro is a good substitute; while you do not get ANC, you get a dual driver setup with superior audio output. Finally, consider the Noise earpods for a wide variety of options at a fair price.


Noise is currently a well-known brand in the market with its medium-range products. Noise earpods are one of the best picks from the wide range noise provides. Moreover, the article offers brief information on the Noise Earpods with their compatibility. There is a variety of Bluetooth speakers and earpods in the market.

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