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Sk Tech Bomber – Top Features And Steps To Install

Sk tech bomber is a mobile application and web application. It is used to send spam messages, missed calls, and even custom messages. Moreover, it does not reveal the identity of the person. Sk tech bomber is an android application and is also on the web as the page.

Features Of Sk Tech Bomber Application

Sk tech bomber is available on Android and has over 150k+ downloads. Many other features are available on the apps, making it a better choice. In addition, it has 45k+ star ratings. The users of Sk tech bombers are increasing daily on a large scale. The university-going and college students appear to be on the highest usage side. However, the daily active users are approximately more than 4k. Moreover, all these categories help make the [Sk tech bomber] one of the best applications.

Flexible And Highest Limit

Sk tech bomber app is very convenient and better than many other applications. The spam SMS provided is higher than then the other applications. It is necessary to understand the requirements and work accordingly. The call limit is very high and is convenient to use. So, looking around all the conveniences [Sk tech bomber] provides, it is better than all its competitors.

Anonymity, Security, Protection

The best and the most essential feature [Sk tech bomber] provides is that it does not reveal the identity to anyone. Therefore, it is not necessary to add your details to the application. However, as you don’t add any of these details, you are not at risk of losing your Privacy and identity. In addition, there is also a protection list available that allows you to add yourself. Moreover, it is cleared every seven days keeping the user’s identity.

Customer Support 24×7

Sk tech bomber provides customer services 24×7 for complete customer satisfaction. In any business, customer satisfaction is the foremost priority. The Sk tech bomber provides the help desk and urges customers to contact it. As it is available 24×7, the users can reach it at any time of the day and get their queries resolved.

What Is SK Tech Bomber Apk?

[SK Tech Bomber] Apk is one of the most popular message bomber apps available in the market. The app can send bulk messages and calls to different mobile operators in India.

However, the app only works with Indian numbers. The limitation is the app is only available for Android devices. However, the app cannot be found in the Google Play Store since the Google Play Store does not allow this type of application. But don’t worry; you can only download the app from this page.Sk Tech Bomber

The app is also free and has limitations on how many SMS you can send. Also, to be on the safe side, I recommend using the app to bombard people you know and not including strangers. It could get you in legal trouble, which you don’t want.

Top Features Of Sk Tech Bomber Apk

  • It allows you to send unlimited SMS without any restrictions.
  • Firstly, Sk tech bomber allows you to choose a phone number from your phonebook.
  • There is an update feature inbuilt into the app.
  • You can easily update the app without any issues revolving around it.
  • Checking the server status is very easy.
  • You can also set the count option in the app.
  • The count option is also available on the [Sk tech bomber] application.
  • The mobile number is protected from getting bombed by others.
  • You can send Custom SMSs.
  • There is no need to register on the app.
  • It works with DND numbers too.

SK Tech Bomber App On Android – Steps To Install The App

Android has Privacy, and it restricts the download of apps from unknown sources. So, firstly, we have to enable the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option. This process seems new for some of the users. So, here are the steps to consider in allowing the download from unknown sources.

  • Open Settings on your android device.
  • Firstly, go to the security settings.
  • Now select Privacy.
  • In Privacy, tap on enable the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.

After allowing the installation from unknown sources, the Sk tech bomber app is ready to download. Firstly, download the application from the [Sk tech bomber] website. Next, tap on the apk file which you have just downloaded.

  • Tap the install button and let the app get installed on your device.

However, the app is ready to use after completing all these steps. It is necessary to tap on the device to launch the app. The Sk tech bomber app is ready to use without providing helpful information.

How To Send Custom Messages And Use The Call Bomber?

Sending custom messages is the prime feature of the [Sk tech bomber] application. However, there are specific steps to follow on your android device or website to send the messages.

Sending Custom Messages – Sk Tech Bomber

  • The first step after launching the [Sk tech bomber] application is to open it.
  • After opening, click on the menu icon that appears on the top right corner.
  • Then comes the custom SMS sender option, tap on it.
  • Type the mobile number you want to bomb. You can also choose the number from your contact list.
  • Here comes the exciting part of the sending SMS option. Type the message that you wish to send.
  • Lastly, tap on the send message option to continue with the process.
  • It completes the process, and the person starts receiving the customs messages.

Using Of A Call Bomber On The Sk Tech Bomber

Another exciting features of an [Sk tech bomber] is called a bomber. It allows people to make random calls to people.

  • Firstly, open the app and go to the menu by clicking on the top right corner.
  • The call bomber option appears on the screen; select the option.
  • Type the mobile number, or the other option is to select the number from the contact list.
  • Tap the send calls, and it is done over.


Sk tech bomber is well ahead of its competitors in providing ease and user privacy. The identity of the user is not necessary for using the application. Overall, the SK Tech Bomber is a pretty fun app to try out. The app allows you to perform pranks with your friends. However, it depends on the individual’s use of the Sk tech bomber.

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