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Safe Moon Reflection Calculator – Features, Advantages

What  is Safe Moon Reflection Calculator

Safe Moon Reflection Calculator describes itself as decentralized finance (Defy) token. The “reflection” or “static rewards” system was a new mechanism developed by this system. In this method, a portion of each transaction that uses the SafeMoon token is given to token holders as compensation. Representation of reward automatically distributed to wallets without action.

It runs on the Finance Smart Chain blockchain, making it a little less accessible when compared to other digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereal.

A third-party tool estimates reflections or rewards based on token holding, price, and trading volume, available on cryptocurrency-related websites, forums, or social media platforms.

Safe Moon is currently ranked 217th general of all cryptocurrencies. The crypto becomes its name from the phrase, “Safely to the Moon,” which means that the business’s drive is to rise safely.

Quick Stats:

High deal fees of 10%, with 5% split among current holders and 5% going to the liquidity pool,

The crypto has already touched over 2 million users,

Currently trading at $0.000001361 at press time.

With all the hype about the new coin, it is still valid to a miracle if Safe Moon is safe or not. The whole point of making this crypto is to attract savers and thus drive up the price.

Features and Advantages of Safe Moon Reflection Calculator


The Safe Moon Protocol has three fundamental features that occur with each transaction. The reflection or static rewards approach aims to correct volatility problems by encouraging investors to hold onto their tokens.

Liquidity Pool Acquisition creates a solid value floor for both buyers and sellers. Doing so can prevent more significant dips when whales choose to sell their tokens later.

Physical Burn is a process that permanently removes tokens from the flow. This process creates increased scarcity, thus levitation of the crypto price. Data show that more than 400 trillion Safe Moon tokens have been burned.

On the Downside

On the flip side, Safe Moon has been subject to many disadvantages like its extreme volatility and lack of liquidity. Also, no significant vendors accept Safe Moon as a payment method, and it isn’t easy to trade it for fiat currencies.

Above all, since these trading and crypts are not regulated chiefly, there is a high risk that there won’t be any defence if things go wrong.

The main concern rotating around investing in this crypto is that, like the value of stocks and shares, the price of a Safe Moon coin might fall. And, if investors were to sell at the dip, they would incur capital losses and a 10% penalty.

Crypto Criticisms

Safe Moon’s design has produced a loyal group of early investors, but it has also opened the crypto to censure from industry specialists and sceptics.

For instance, the crypto was mentioned as a Ponzi scheme, pump, and dump, an allegation denied by the company’s CEO. Few critics also worry about the physical coin burns, reducing its circulation.

From the critics’ point of view, crypto seems to be a very high-risk hypothetical asset. For instance, a Twitter user who goals to expose crypto cons said in a Tweet,

“Owner owns more than 50% of the liquidness and wastes to fix it. He could pull LP and sell marks, creating a rug pull [meaning an exit scam]. The likeliness of losing all funds: Absolute.”

Crypto analyst Lark Davis compared Safe Moon to Bit Connect, a Ponzi. Remember, just because you make money off a Ponzi does not change the fact that it is a Ponzi.

From Safe Moon to Safe Moon Reflection Calculator

The crypto upgraded from Safe Moon to Safe Moon V2 in December 2021, bringing in a new total Safe Moon supply of one trillion.

By upgrading, the crypto combined its tokens to a 1000:1 ratio. This means that V2 has upgraded agreements that can change the coin’s consolidation formula.

Additionally, Safe Moon carries features such increase security and accessibility. Many investors view Safe Moon V2 as the key to solving new all-time highs.

Price Predictions – What Lies Ahead

“I’ve been there from the start and trust the team, public, and project,” a Safe Moon investor Bestir Zeta told FX Empire. “We are hopeful that we determination see a price increase soon.”

Like Bestir, many wallet investors gave a positive outlook. According to the price prediction website Wallet Investor, Safe Moon predict to rise to $0.00179 by March 2022, $0.00254 in January 2023, 0.00335 in January 2024, and $0.00429 by January 2025.

With its V2 promotion now live, Safe Moon’s price can reach between $0.0038 and $0.018 in 2022, rendering to Telemann’s predictions. The regular is likely going to be $0.0079, note.

It is, however, too early to forecast what impact Safe Moon’s sale tax will have on potential investor appetite.

How to Buy Safe Moon Reflection Calculator?

There are some hurdles involved in buying Safe Moon. The biggest for beginners is that the only way to pay for purchases of Safe Moon is with other cryptocurrencies. That’s because it’s a current list on exchanges that accept fiat currency, like dollars.

This brings up another of Safe Moon’s challenges: Major exchanges like Coin Base and Kraken do not support trading in Safe Moon. It’s also not available on apps like Robin Hood or Sofia Invest.

To buy Safe Moon, use Safe Moon’s proprietary Safe Moon Swap to trade other crypts, like Finance Coin (BNB), for Safe Moon tokens. A few other crypto exchanges provision trading in Safe Moon.

If you don’t previously have crypto, you’ll likely need to make an account on an additional exchange that allows you to conversation dollars for coins, as you can with many of Forbes Advisor’s choices for best crypto exchanges. You’ll then have to withdraw the cash from the business, place them in a wallet and then transfer those coins onto a conversation with Safe Moon.

Disadvantages of Buying Safe Moon Reflection Calculator

Safe Moon is a risky investment because of its high volatility and the sense the price can swing up and down melodramatically. While this is factual for any cryptocurrency, if you choose to bail on Safe Moon, you will not only take your free investment loss but also lose another 10% because of the selling fee.

In addition, Safe Moon is not a good fit for frequent trading because every time you sell, you’re paying that sizable fee. Additionally, since it’s not listed on major exchanges, Safe Moon is also less liquid, and it takes more work to change it into cash, as you must change it to BNB first.

The fact Safe Moon isn’t on the primary connections is a giant red flag, minutes Jeremy Britton, CFO of Boston Trading Co, a crypto asset fund. “The connections have done their due diligence and found the project lacking. Disregard the experts at your own risk,” he says.

Advantages of Buying Safe Moon Reflection Calculator


As a meme coin, Safe Moon has the potential to go viral, and if it does, its value might shoot up as its name aspires to the moon. Reflect, for instance, on what occurred with Dogecoin: The crypto currency’s value increased by more than 200 times. Is over short months in 2021 simply since of word of mouth.

If you plan on holding Safe Moon over the long term. If you’ll also advantage from the reflections as you obtain a portion of the fee experienced when other people sell their tokens. This is a financial inducement you won’t get from most other general cryptocurrencies, where you only make money if the value goes up.

In addition, Safe Moon’s recent Safe Moon 2.0 update lowered transaction fees. It makes it more attractive to exchanges in the future and for other use cases.

Should You Buy Safe Moon Reflection Calculator?

Safe Moon is a reasonably high-risk, long-term investment, so before buying Safe Moon. In ensuring you have the nerves to accept short-term losses.

Even then, Britton convinces Safe Moon as an investment. “I would suggest that anyone considering Safe Moon. It should run away screaming, or do some due assiduousness and then run away screaming,” he says.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay out of crypto entirely. “Somewhat than risking your money on a token that is difficult to buy and may become impossible to sell. It considers a coin that is in the top 20. A listed on all major connections, or invest in a diversified crypto fund. With major recognized names and decent market liquidity. It will be easy to exit your position when you need to sell,” he says.


Safe Moon is a cryptocurrency launch in early 2021, using blockchain technology developed by Finance.

Throughout 2021, Safe Moon received celebrity endorsements from sports blogger David Porto, rapper Lil Yachty and YouTube Jake Paul. This helped quickly drive up Safe Moon’s value, although its price has fallen nearly 90% from its peak in writing.

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