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Manage IT Services in London – Benefits, and More

Manage IT Services in London – Global Crossing announced the expansion of the number of services offered at its London Data Centre in Docklands by making managed hosting services available to customers, such as monitoring, backup, security, server administration, and storage solutions.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE) Dimension Data, a global provider of technology integration and managed services for hybrid IT, today announced the launch of its next-generation managed services to help customers simplify the management and operation of their technology.

Benefits of Dimension Data Manage Services Include

State-of-the-art automation capability: Access to comprehensive analytics, service delivery, and process development, along with proactive, near-real-time performance monitoring and visibility. The new award-winning Management Centre portal offers a comprehensive view of an IT health performance.

Leading-edge agility and scalability: Ability to scale in fast-growing business environments with minimal risk of downtime while unlocking complete visibility and management across multi-vendor, multi-technology infrastructures.

Industry-Defined Customer Experience: Dedicated Customer Success Managers to assist in rapid adoption and resolution, continuous support for improvement and innovation, and the ability to leverage the knowledge and skills of leading experts in the industry.

Cross-Tech Knowledge: Vast knowledge across multiple technology areas, including networking, collaboration, security, customer experience, and enterprise applications that leverage solid global partnerships with leading technology providers.

About Dimension

Data Founded in 1983, Dimension Data is a leading $8 billion global company that designs, optimizes, and manages today’s changing technology environments. The business brings together the world’s best technology from market leaders and specialist innovators with the service support customers need for their businesses, from consulting, technical, and support services to a fully managed service. This enables its clients to influence data in a digital age, transform it into insights and extract insights. Headquartered in Johannesburg, Dimension Data employs 28,000 people in 47 countries.

Professional and Manage IT services in London

Many organizations have invested heavily in creating custom IT solutions to meet mission-critical business requirements. However, the resources required to support these services and manage the underlying infrastructure limit its ability to deliver continuous innovation. In many environments, managing existing infrastructure consumes up to 80 per cent of the IT budget, leaving only 20 per cent for strategic initiatives.

1. Capabilities aligned with the needs of your company

Rahim’s team helps fill skills gaps and eliminate fragmented support through a compare environment but can be modified to meet a wide range of business needs and budgets.

2. Manage IT services in London for the Workplace


Nowadays, speed and agility are essential. When meetings run smoothly, applications work reliably, and collaboration is seamless, you gain greater productivity no matter where your employees are. All this adds to a better experience for your team, allowing your company to be more productive and competitive.IT Services

3. Equip your Team with the Necessary Gears for Success

Our Managed Workplace Services enable your staff to make the most of the digital environment. We provide proven support to maintain and enhance your operational capabilities, ensuring your team has everything they need to shine at their jobs, at any level, no matter the size of your business.

4. Increase Productivity with Rapid Resolution Response

Improve the reliability of your organization with faster resolution of IT incidents and technical support requests. With the right mix of automated helpdesk and proactive staff, you can ensure business continuity, reduce costs, and respond to changing priorities while offloading your IT staff to focus on critical tasks and new developments…

5. Technical Assistance Centre Near you to meet your Needs

We maintain service levels and equip users, operational areas, and departments with all the IT resources they need to complete their tasks and goals. Our technical support teams are located locally, within the country where the service is provided, and in our European Shared Services Centre. These centers allow incidents, requests, and queries to be recorded, evaluated, prioritized, and assigned to the appropriate resolution group, ensuring faster resolution of all IT incidents and support requests while improving the business-IT link.

  • Increase productivity with better, more cost-effective user support
  • IT support aligned with your business objectives
  • Get accurate and timely reports for internal IT teams
  • Reduce capital investments with a cloud service delivery model.

6. Manage Services or Internal Department

Technology makes it easier for an external company to control a company’s IT without having to go to the company. With a monitoring system, the company that provides this service can manage all computing with high efficiency and tremendous cost savings.IT Services

Advantages of Manage Services

Managed services provide different benefits to organizations such as cost savings, experience or flexibility:

Cost savings: One of the main advantages of hiring an IT service from an external company is the economic issue. A company saves the structural costs of having a large IT department or starting one in the case of more modest companies.

Comprehensive experience: Managed service providers have a broad and deep understanding of different IT services. They know how to advise the most appropriate technologies to apply in the organization and solve the main problems. Moreover, they represent significant savings in employee training.

Flexibility: Companies that offer managed services adapt to the company’s demand and size. They may control the company’s IT or drive only a small part of all IT services.

Disadvantages of Manage Services

According to EAE Business School, the most notable disadvantages of outsourcing services are three:

Loss of immediacy: No matter how fast and efficient a managed service is, a problem will always be solved faster with internal personnel than with an external provider. However, many manage services include implementing technologies that facilitate IT management and increase the speed of incident resolution.

Unforeseen expenses: When a company has internal IT expert staff, it has structural fees. A considerable amount of money, but predictable. In contrast, when you outsource services, there are more unforeseen expenses. However, flat rates are becoming more frequent in managed services that mitigate this effect.

A lower degree of involvement: No matter how professional the workers of a managed services company may be, they will never have the same degree of involvement as the company’s employees. However, many have a very high degree of involvement.

Manage IT services in London

IT Management System (SGSTI) certification for its data center’s in Madrid and Barcelona. And also, This certification is the first international standard for IT managed services and offers the best endorsement of the quality strategy that Colt started in 2004 with the adoption of ITIL best practices, the main code of conduct for IT service management.

Advantages of having an Internal IT Department

Having an internal department has different advantages. Mainly the following three:

Availability: Although outsourcing services have evolved a lot in recent years, the truth is that having a worker in a company is very comfortable since they are always there for what is requested.

The maximum level of commitment: A priori in a company, a worker is comfortable and has a high level of commitment. He fits in better than anyone when a project requires a sprint. And also, It gets it off the ground and can sacrifice hours of sleep to achieve the goal. This is managed services can happen but to a lesser extent.

Better knowledge of the business: A worker from the IT department knows the company’s day-to-day operations. What is best for them at each moment and circumstance. He is the one who knows best how the company works and who knows its strengths and weaknesses.

Disadvantages of having an Internal IT Department

The main disadvantages of having an apartment are the following:

Training expenses: To produce more than a managed service, workers must be trained in the latest technologies. And this is a costly process.

Higher structural costs: A worker implies a payroll, a social security fee, and a job. Instead, in managed services, a company saves all these costs.

Internal conflicts: An unengaged worker can be a problem and an obstacle to finding solutions. With the managed services, collateral damage derived from the lack of motivation and commitment. And also, the collective project of the employees is avoided.


Manage it services in London – Global Crossing announced the expansion of the number of services offered at its London Data Centre. And also, It Docklands by making managed hosting services available to customers. Such as monitoring, backup, security, server administration, and storage solutions.

The company’s Data Centre in Docklands has almost reached capacity, as 89% of the available space has been sold. And also, As a result of this situation, Global Crossing has embarked on Phase II of that development. And also, It has already pre-sold 10% of the additional racks available to potential customers.

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