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Tips & Tricks for iPhone – Details, Background, and More

Tips & Tricks for iPhone

Tips & tricks for iPhone With the passage of iOS versions, it is inevitable that useful functions will escape us. Therefore, this article has compiled the best 33 little-known iOS tricks to use on our Phone or iPad. Let’s go there.

IOS Tricks that are Anything but known

Add a second face in Face ID if we see errors recognizing us in certain situations. We can do it in Settings> Face ID and code> Set up an alternative appearance. It is intended for, for example, artists who wear a lot of makeup or athletes who wear equipment on their faces, such as skiers. But it also works if Face ID does not recognize us as we would like

In the App Switcher or the Control Center, where we see the apps that we have recently used, we can close several apps at the same time by sliding them with two or three fingers.

Customize the Control Center of our device and add the Hearing feature. When we activate it, we can use our iPhone as a remote microphone to retransmit sound to our Air Pods.

Did you know that we can record a video of the screen of our iPhone and iPad with everything that happens on it? Let’s go back to the Control Center in the Settings to do this and add the screen recording. We have to display this panel and activate it when we have it.

Tips for iPhone

Tips for iPhone:

It may seem that iOS 15 barely introduces improvements, but contrary to what it looks, there are many tricks to discover in the new iPhone operating system. To the improvements we find in the system and in the apps, you must add many tips and advice. We have compiled the best iOS 15 tricks for you to get the most out of your iPhone.

Play Background Sounds

In iOS 15, we can play background sounds to concentrate. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds, turn on the switch and select between pink noise, white noise, brown noise, ocean, rain and stream.

Copy links from all open tabs in Safari

If tips & tricks for iPhone you have manifold tabs open in Safari and want to share them, iOS 15 has a great option. By clicking on the tabs icon below, on the number of bills and holding on the number of open tabs, we have a chance to copy the links.

  • tab links in safari.
  • Copy links from tabs in Safari.
  • Switch between Safari tabs.

Safari has a new tab bar at the bottom. If you have multiple tabs open, slide this bottom bar sideways to switch between them.

Get More Details from your Photos Tips & Tricks for iPhones

The Photos app now knows much more information about each photo. By swiping up, we can see details such as the device that took the picture, the date, time, sensor details, location or even the app with which the image was taken or imported.

Delete Pages from the Home Screen

With iOS 14 came the ability to hide app pages from the home screen. In iOS 15, this function goes a step further and can eliminate pages of apps and games. Remember that this doesn’t stop the apps, which will still be installed on the iPhone and visible from the App Library.

To delete app pages in iOS 15, press and hold the screen until the icons start to vibrate. Now click on the points below, uncheck the page you want to delete and click on the icon with the Delete home pages ios 15

Create a Personal Concentration Mode

One of the novelties of iOS 15. We can create dedicated concentration modes for when we work, have free time, or train. If can select which calls we do not want to receive, which message to hide and which apps can send us notifications. We have already discussed them, and you can configure them from Settings> Concentration modes.

Personalized Home Page for Work or Free Time

Personalized Home Page for Work or Free Time

Apple has introduced Focus Modes, which not only affect notifications but can also customize the home page of our iPhone. This allows us to have a home page for work, only with the apps that matter to us, and another for our free time without work apps.

You can edit the pages you want to appear from Settings > Focus modes > [Mode] > Home screen > Custom pages—an exciting and customizable option.

Create a Link to FaceTime

FaceTime is already compatible with Android and Windows without installing any application. Now we can share a link to a FaceTime call that can be accessed from the browser.

To do so, enter FaceTime and click on Create link. You can part the connection with whoever you want, even changing its name. To join, you must click on the link to that meeting that you have created. And also, The rest will only have to click on it. During a call already started taipan, you can create a link.

iOS 15 FaceTime Link of Tips & Tricks for iPhones:

  • Create a link for FaceTime.
  • Share screen on FaceTime.

In a FaceTime video call, we can now share the screen of our iPhone. At the top, you will understand an icon with which you can share the screen, the other user must accept it, and you will be able to start seeing the same thing that appears on the screen of your iPhone.


Apple’s mobile operating system is full of many options to do tasks more quickly than it seems. Often even surprising those more used to iOS on their iPhones: we compile a services of tricks to make interaction with the phone easier.

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