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Super Chat Live – The Perfect Platform To Explore And Earn

Super chat live

Super chat live is an online content-sharing platform that allows creators and fans to connect with each other on live chat. The viewers can also purchase super chats to highlight the message during live chats. Moreover, there are multiple other ways to make it even more interesting by adding stickers that are animated, they also pop up during live chats.

In the era of technology, these kinds of applications or portals create easy access for creators and viewers. However, the creators can share the content and the viewers can express their thoughts which makes the content creators alter the thoughts and process according to the demand.

What is Super Chat Live?

Super Chat is a new global random video chat community where you meet strangers and make new friends nearby or around the world via real-time live video chat. Everyone can make a meaningful connection across cultures, languages, races, and territories in a respectful way.

Some Special Features of the application

Privacy Protection & Safety of the Individual

Privacy of the individual is the main focus of the platform that allows them to add certain features.

How to use Super Chat Live?

Super Chat Live and Super Stickers provide a new revenue source for businesses by enabling them to communicate with fans during live broadcasts and Premieres through highlighted conversations and animated pictures..

How To Work?

Live Stream/Premiere Live Chat Purchase
• Purchase colorful Super Chat or animated Super Sticker.
• Stickers pin to top of chat for set time.
• Higher purchase amount enhances message visibility and feed top position.

Who can use Super Chat and Super Stickers?

Here are some of the best eligibility requirements.

Your channel must be monetizing and you have to be in an eligible location. These features won’t be available if live chat is turned off or if your video is unlisted, private, Made for Kids, or age restricted and may not be available on Premieres and videos with music owned by a third party.

Check out our Help Center article linked in the description down below for the full list of eligibility requirements including all available locations.

How to set up Super Chat and Super Stickers?

Once you’re set up to use these features they will automatically be available in live chat for all your eligible streams and Premieres.

Here’s how you can manage them while you’re live

Here’s a rundown of how you can see purchases being made depending on how you’re streaming. If you’re using a mobile device within the live streaming window tap on the Chat viewing options icon and then tap on Super Chat to view just your paid messages.

Experiment with different Content Types

Super Chat is an option that can thrive on any and every type of content. You could try an “Ask me anything” stream and use Super Chat to take requests.

You could do a live vlog and give behind-the-scenes access. Use it as a celebration or support of a landmark moment and so much more.

And lastly, always promote your live steams. Use your Community tab, Stories, or social media to promote your stream before and to thank your viewers after you stream. You can post reminders or celebrate those who Super Chatted you.


Super chat live is one of those platform that allows the content creators to share content according to their interests. Moreover, the viewers can bring in their thoughts for the betterment of the content and show their personal interests. The above information is completely based on the usage and community guidelines of the platform.

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