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Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv – Features Transport And More

Samsung 60 inch smart tv is mentioned these days, it usually means a device with a screen size of 58 inches. Such models are widespread and are offered by a wide variety of well-known manufacturers. However, the actual 60-inch televisions can only be found occasionally on the market. If you buy a Samsung 60 inch smart tv, you need enough space in the living room. These devices take up much space compared to the classic 43-inch entry-level devices.

The Features Of A Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

The question of where a [Samsung 60 inch smart tv] comes in use hardly ever arises. Due to the impressive screen diagonal of the equivalent of 152.4 cm, only the living room comes into question. If you want to build your home cinema and not use a projector. The Samsun 60 inch Smart Tv is the best choice. Moreover, only if the living room is big enough. A tv with this diagonal screen measures around 1.30 meters in width, which does not always make it easy to set up.

Measure the low board or the TV cabinet on which the TV will ultimately sit so as not to experience any unpleasant surprises later. If the cabinet is too small, a TV with a centrally mounted stand is the ideal choice, as it takes up comparatively little floor space.Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Transport Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Unlike smaller TVs that are easy to transport in a car, transporting a bulky Samsung 60 inch smart tv is problematic. Even with a station wagon, you quickly reach your limits here because a modern flat-screen TV should always be transported upright due to its sensitive components. Therefore, transport on the car’s roof rack is unnecessary, which does not make things easier.

Recommendation For Easy Transport

Therefore, we recommend ordering a Samsung 60 inch smart tv quickly and conveniently over the Internet. The selection of devices here is usually much more significant than in stores, and the delivery after purchase is very convenient. The drivers have experience transporting bulky goods and therefore know exactly what to do, how a 60-inch television has to be transported. Thanks to the transport insurance and the right of withdrawal, there are no risks involved in the delivery.

Optimum Distance To The Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Apart from the size of the living room and the TV furniture, with a 60-inch TV, it is also important to note the minimum distance between the screen. Otherwise, this quickly leads to eye pain and headaches. Therefore, the perfect space for the device, which can also be calculated for other sizes with our practical tool, is 3.20 m.

Brief Information Related To Size

Accordingly, this distance to the television must also be present in the living room at home. You can still get one or two additional centimeters of space by mounting it on the room wall. If even this little trick does not ensure a minimum distance of 3.20 m, a 60-inch TV may not be the best choice. A comparison with TV sets with a slightly lower diagonal screen – such as 55 inches.

The Features Of The Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Anyone who chooses a 60-inch television usually places great value on the best possible picture quality. Devices with Full HD resolution are, therefore, relatively rare in this category. Most manufacturers rely on contemporary UHD resolution, which enables an awe-inspiring cinema experience in the home. The razor-sharp picture quality is particularly effective on larger televisions from 50 inches upwards. You can also see more minor parts of the picture perfectly here – which is not always easy on smaller devices.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) On Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

HDR compatibility should also be part of the essential equipment for a 60-inch television. HDR enables realistic image reproduction, in which both bright and dark areas are optimally illuminated. It, in turn, ensures an excellent contrast ratio that allows you to immerse yourself in a movie literally.Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Regarding equipment, 60-inch televisions are usually at a relatively high level – which is not always the case with devices in the entry-level class. Therefore, a TV tuner, which serves to receive the linear TV program, should be on board. In most cases, this is a triple receiver that can receive the TV signal via satellite, cable, or DVB-T. It has the advantage that you do not have to invest additional money in a separate receiver.

Additional Qualities

In addition, it is always advantageous if the television is equips with several HDMI and USB ports. However, the latter should support not only the connection of external hard drives and USB sticks but also USB recording – i.e., the recording of TV programs on the hard drive.

You can also look forward to a wide variety of smart TV functions on all standard 60-inch televisions. Numerous apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or Sky Ticket are already pre-installed. Many other apps are also be available via an app store. In addition, in many manufIn branches, managers rely on integers. The television is conveniently controllable using your language without additional remote control.

The Best Manufacturer Of Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Samsung offers numerous high-quality Smart TV devices in its range, which come with 60 inches but usually with an equally impressive 58 inches. The extremely slim and almost frameless models come with brilliant 4K resolution and HDR technology and have a triple tuner and USB recording.

Recommendation Of Samsung 60 Inch Smart Tv

Buying a Samsung 60 inch Smart TV is not always easy. As many manufacturers have now focused on devices with a slightly smaller screen size of 58 inches. However, if you want to buy a 60-inch TV, you are in good hands with an Samsung television. As this company has several devices of this size in its range.

But it doesn’t matter whether you decide on a 60-inch TV or a smaller 58-inch model for your TV comparison. Before buying, you should make sure that the living room at home and the TV furniture are big enough for such a device. Especially concerning the recommended minimum distance of 3.20 m. Moreover, you can draw on the full range of equipment with a 60 inch television with all theessential functions.


To buy the best of something is your choice, but my recommendation goes here with Samsung 60 inch smart tv, which gives HDR and many qualities worth buying. Usually, many companies come up with ideas to provide a comfortable impact on the product. Each company has reviews on its products. Before buying, ensure that the living room at home and the tv furniture are big enough for Samsung 60 inch smart tv. The critical function such as USB recording, triple tuner, and HDR quality is seen in Samsung.

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