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Ride Command Update – Features, Camera, Screen, Accessory

Ride Command Update

Ride command update makes confidently planning and circumnavigating your routes easy by adding multiple stops and waypoints, and you can share your deliberate way with networks. Follow the Group With Group Ride, you can trip at your speed and keep parallel riders in sight on your map screen, even if you get split up – because rides are intended to be shared.

Discover New Trails

With over 1,000,000 miles of tracks obtainable offline, you’ll have the sureness to explore further whether you have cellular coverage or not.

Work Smarter

Plow Mode automatically raises and lowers the plough depending on the gear you’re in so that you can get your work done quicker.

Features of Ride Command Update


Ride and work confidently, knowing you have industry-leading skills paving the way. Configurable Gauge Views. Customize your ride display. From your elevation, travel way, fuel level and more, your options are endless to create the most relevant screens for you.

GPS Navigation and Waypoints

It’s all about preparation. RIDE COMMAND makes preparation for your route and onboard navigation easy. And also, With GPS navigation and pre-downloaded maps are obtainable right on your in-dash display. And also, Easily add points of interest and waypoints to make the most of your off-road adventure.

Group Ride

Communicate, circumnavigate and stay linked with your friends and family on any Group Ride. Use the Follow the Leader eye to select a group leader and follow their car from your display. The Group Ride Messaging feature sends emails to your group. And it is all the whole thing with or without a cellular signal.

Close-up of the Backup Camera Screen of Ride Command Update:

Multi-Select EPS

They bring more customization to each ride for ease and sureness when navigating new property or trails. And also, Multi-select EPS lets riders select the desired level of direction-finding assistance based on riding preferences.

Plow Mode makes ploughing quick and easy by automatically lowering the plough when shifting into low gear and raising the plough when you move into reverse gear. And also, Enjoy the ability to eliminate snow calmer than ever beforehand.

Personalized Audio Experience

Seamlessly pair your show via Bluetooth to wirelessly watercourse music to a receiver and stay linked with call and text alerts. And also, Add the Lock and Ride Rear Audio Storing Box to play music.

Updating Ride Command Software and Maps on Model

Follow these steps to update the software and maps on a model year 2019 and older Indian Motorcycle Chieftain or Roadmaster equipped with RIDE COMMAND.

Required Materials:

Trickle Charger

Before beginning the update, it is optional to plug your bike into a dribble charger to ensure the battery does not die. And also, Leave your bike in the ON location so the electrical is running, but the engine is not.

Also, back up your RIDE COMMAND data, counting saved rides and places. Either log in to your RIDE COMMAND explanation on the touchscreen show or pair your presentation with the RIDE COMMAND app. And also, If you cannot sync with RIDE COMMAND, save your trips and places to a USB drive.

Updating Software

To update the RIDE KNOWLEDGE software, follow these steps.

On your processer:

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Open a web browser and call the Indian Motorbike RIDE KNOWLEDGE website.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click update vehicle Software.
  4. Select the 2019 AND EARLIER update option.
  5. Select the update option you wish to install.

Add Ride Command Update as an Accessory to Your Sportsman

Upgrade your ride knowledge with the new ATV RIDE KNOWLEDGE. And also, This addition replaces the stock pod with the new pod that fits the 7inch display, containing Plow Mode and Group Ride functionality. And also, This kit includes everything you need for connection and comes in a Matte Black color, providing great style to complement the look of your vehicle.

RIDE COMMAND Compatible ATV’s:2022 Sports XP 1000

Interactive Map to Plan Rides of Ride Command Update


Using the RIDE COMMAND preparation tools, you can create a multi-stop route and sync it to your in-dash display via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (if equipped) or shadow along on the mobile app so you know where to go while out on the trails. And also, You can easily share your plotted route with friends, so everyone knows the way.

Connect with Rider Community

Share and discover the best rides, places, and events in the RIDE COMMAND off-road Community. And also, Save your favorites and load them right onto your RIDE COMMAND-equipped vehicle.

Track & Record Rides

Your tracks instantly sync and come alive with 3D flyovers that show photos from your ride. And also, Share your favorited experiences with friends even after the ride is over.


This video provides an impression of the seven-button RIDE COMMAND display. For more on the seven-button RIDE COMMAND display, see the User’s Guide. And also, It more videos, visit the Tutorials section. For a safe and enjoyable riding experience with your new Display. And also, please read your vehicle’s owner’s and this Display owner’s manual if you should need additional assistance with Display operation or software.

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