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Newport News Weather – Complete Forecast And Top Hotels

Newport news weather is a bit cheesy and changes from time to time. It is located in the coastal city to the south of Los Angeles. It has many attractive beaches and trails for hiking and cycling. The Newport News weather suggests the perfect time for all surfing lovers. It ultimately binds off all the breezy winds and a bit of sunshine. Moreover, a slight drizzle at the end of the day makes it even more beautiful.

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Newport News Weather Hourly Forecast

Newport news weather hourly changes are minor, and the weather is mostly cloudy. However, the weather forecast is crucial in planning all the schedules. The Newport News weather hourly starts from 1 p.m. when the sky is overcast with a bit of precipitation. The wind speed is at 7 miles per hour.

Overall the weather is delightful, with an average windspeed of 7 miles per hour. The Newport News weather is best for traveling with loved ones and having the best fun out there. The surfers will have a great out in the winds and the kids playing in the sand.

Moreover, the Newport news weather suits perfectly for traveling and having the best time at the beach. The hourly Newport news weather report suggests an average temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Firstly, there is no chance of rain, and the weather remains cloudy throughout the day. In addition, the average wind speed stays at 7 miles per hour.

Top Hotels Near Newport Beach

White sand beaches, a sophisticated laid-back atmosphere, and excellent surfing are all hallmarks of Newport Beach. Many visitors to the Greater Los Angeles area still consider this charming tiny town to be a favorite vacation spot.

The region is full of enjoyable activities for children and couples, in addition to being stunning in the way only a coastal city in southern California can be. Balboa Island is a small, densely populated island with a carnival and cute shops on our list of excellent day trips from LA.

The 2.5-mile Balboa Island Loop is a popular place for couples to stroll while taking pictures of the immaculate beachfront homes and the sunset.

Balboa Bay Resort

Balboa Bay Resort perfectly embodies the accessible going luxury of Newport Beach. A luxurious resort is located directly on the water, across from Lido Isle. Rent one of the well-known Duffy boats from this location and cruise Newport Harbor like a pro, stopping at each store with an open slip.

When you’re finished, schedule a meal on the patio around sundown for breathtaking views. Another romantic choice is to order room services and eat on your suite’s balcony. Because there isn’t much room, valet parking is recommended because it’s easier.

Lido House, Autograph Collection

Although it has been refurbished with upmarket furnishings and dining ideas from local citizen and developer Robert Olson, this historic hotel still has a boutique vibe. You’ll have a slight California coastal casualness that will make you feel like you’re in Cape Cod. Standard rooms, suites, and gorgeous three-story cottages are all offered.

You’re at a terrific location even though this hotel isn’t directly on a beach; instead, it’s in the heart of the Newport Beach Peninsula. At Topside Roof Deck, Newport Beach’s only rooftop bar is here. Last but not least, schedule a soothing spa treatment to start your day off well.

Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

Italy and California meet. The Pacific Ocean is visible from the Newport Beach bluffs, where these immaculate homes are located, making each sunset and sunrise spectacular. Each villa has two bedrooms, a balcony, a full-service kitchen, and separate living and dining areas. Although every villa has a couch bed, no extra beds or cradles are provided.

State parks and beaches are nearby, and Balboa Island is only a short drive away. However, after seeing the grotto pool and scheduling a few spa treatments, you might forget to leave these villas.

Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel

Although it might not be the most glitzy or modern hotel on any given list, this one is well-known for being a fantastic little family-run hotel in a terrific spot. Only a handful of hotels are located within a few hundred feet of the stunning Newport Beach.

A lovely little park and playground can be found across the street, which is convenient if you have children. Another benefit of staying here is the excellent condition that their housekeeping staff maintains. Not to add the use of an afternoon cookie that was just baked.

Newport Beach Marriott Bayview

This hotel is a little further away from the beachfront hotels because it is situated at the northernmost point of Newport Beach Bay. However, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to ignore this peaceful area, which is only a short distance from the coast. Most suites include balconies with views of the bay and refreshing breezes.

And with the family suites, there is extra space in these large apartments for everyone. If you don’t want to miss a workout, reserve a suite with a Peloton. Along with the pool and fantastic suites, you might prefer the roomy, marble bathrooms the most.

28-Day  Complete Newport News Weather

Newport news weather is overall the weather for travel lovers and beach lovers. The complete forecast suggests having sunshine and cloudy weather simultaneously. However, there is a slight drizzle on the odd days that might skip off.

The first week shows moderate temperature with a bit of sun and mostly cloudy. However, there is little rain on Tuesday, that will be fine for the day. Newport news weather seems to stay constant throughout the week with slight changes.newport news weather

Now comes the second week ranging from 20 November to 26 November. The Newport News weather starts with bright sunny days with moderate temperatures. However, the weather changes a bit cloudy as the week passes, and the rain in the latter half of the week. Finally, the week ends with a moderately sunny day.

The third week Newport news weather report shows a bright and sunny week. In addition, there are a little of clouds in the midweek. However, the weather remains almost the same throughout the week. A few hazy days make it a wonderful sight for all the beach lovers.

Finally, the last week of Newport news weather shows a similar temperature to the other weeks. The weekdays are a bit cloudy and sunny, heating the beach sand. Moreover, there is a slight drizzle at the end of the week.


Newport news weather shows accurate weather, making the planning of all the schedules easier. Firstly, the weather is perfect for a trip out with family and friends. The temperature stays a bit dry and moist, but with a slight haze, it makes an ideal combination. The hotels surrounding Newport are exquisite, with perfect views and hospitality. Finally, Newport news weather expresses the excellent atmosphere and provides an accurate forecast for people to plan their vacations.

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