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kjct news 8 – KJCT-LP, virtual station 8, is a low-powered dual ABC/CW+-allied TV station licensed to Grand Junction, Colorado, United States and serving Colorado’s Western Slope region. Possessed by Gray Television, it is a sister station to NBC associate KKCO. The two positions share studios on Blichmann Avenue in Grand Connection; KJCT-LP’s transmitter sits at the Mesa Point Electronics Site on the Outstanding Mesa (southeast of I-70). The position can also be seen on Charter Spectrum channel ten and in high definition on digital channel 510.

KJCT-LP’s signal relates on K28AD-D in Montrose, which has operated from Storm King Mountain since its launch in September 1982, along with 13 analogue and eight digital translators across central and northwestern Colorado.

Intellectual unit

The KJCT-LP academic unit originated on October 22, 1979, when KJCT (channel 8) signed on as the first television station in Western Colorado since KREX-TV (channel 5) in 1954. The Pikes Peak Broadcasting Company owned it as a semi-satellite of fellow ABC associate KRDO-TV in Colorado Coils. Before KJCT’s sign-on, all three major systems had shoehorned on KREX-TV. How ever, cable spectators could watch the full ABC agenda on Denver’s KBTV (channel 9, now KUSA).

The station had full manufacturing facilities in Grand Connection; however, far of the package design was nourishing via hundreds of miles of microwave oven links from KRDO. Finally, in the late-night 1990s, KJCT chief engineer Roger Hightower modernized KJCT into one of the first proper digital amenities in CO and severed the electric umbilical cord with KRDO.

KJCT was the initial Western Colorado television station with contemporary electronic news gathering technology. “8 Live,” the station’s first live microwave newsman, came into a facility in 1984.

In 2006, News-Press & Gazette Company publicized the acquisition of KJCT along with KRDO-TV and KRDO wireless from Pikes Peak Circulation.

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kjct news 8 -In late-night 2008, KJCT’s third numerical subcarrier became cowboy movie Colorado’s associate for The CW. However, contempt The CW being available locally, Denver’s KWGN-TV, which has been on cable for decades in Grand Junction, is still available through two low-powered repeaters in the area.

On August 2, 2013, News-Press & Gazette announced the sale of KJCT’s license assets to Excalibur Broadcasting and its non-license assets to Gray Television; former Gray executive Don Ray owns Excalibur. Gray planned to operate the position through joint sales and shared services agreements, creation KJCT a sister station to KKCO. The contract remained completed on October 31. it was NPG’s first broadcast divestiture since its original group of five stations was sold to New Vision Television in 1993.

Due to the Leading Substructures Command (FCC)’s augmented review of computer-made duopolies, Heavy announced that it would move KJCT’s software design to a subchannel of KKCO and sell KJCT to a minority-owned broadcaster, which will work the position distinctly.[5] On August 27, 2014, Gray publicized that it would sell KJCT to Jeff Chang and Gabriela Gomez-Chang, owners of KQSL. The new owners would alter KJCT’s call letters to KGB. On October 21, 2014, the FCC accepted a swap of virtual channels between KJCT and a co-owned low-power station in Grand that Gray was acquiring; as a result, KGBY, KJCT’s ABC programming. The swap was future to reduce viewer confusion resulting from a move in ABC software design. The sale of the original KJCT’s certificate assets finishes on December 15.

KJCT is currently the previous station that uses the “Contrast” music package from Stephen Arnold.


The current certificate for KJCT-LP originated on August 16, 2005. When the FCC granted a building permit to Paul Varecha for a low-power television station on channel 20. The station was first delivered the call symbol K20IN but changed to KKHD-LP on April 3, 2006. The station filed for its certificate to cover the permit on September 1. 2006 and was obvious on it on December 17.

That October, Varecha sold KKHD. Which had allied with Telemundo, and KXHD-LP (channel 36) in Montrose to News-Press and Gazette Company for $675,000. The  deal was complete on January 2, 2007. KXHD was before K07IU  a translator for Fox affiliate KFQX (channel 4). Which enthused to channel 36 in March 2006 after being emigrant by the digital signal of eventual sister station. Soon after, Varecha bought K36HJ from Professional Antenna. Tower and Interpreter Service for $15,000 and changed its call letters to KXHD-LP.On April 26, 2010. KKHD granted a construction permit to flash cut to digital.


kjct news 8 -HD-LP and KXHD-LP (the latter of which had joined KKHD in carrying Telemundo programming) include Excalibur Distribution’s 2013 acquisition of KJCT from NPG. In June 2014, Excalibur reached a contract to sell KKHD and KXHD to Gray outright for $2.5 million. The purchase whole on December 15. KKHD changed its call works of literature to KJCT-LP on January 9, 2015. This followed the move of the original KJCT’s virtual channel eight and its programming (including ABC) to the station.

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