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Jordan Why Not – Collections, Price, And Reviews

Jordan Why Not

Jordan Why Not, is one of the best collaborations in the sneaker world. There is no stopping the rise in fame of sneakers. Moreover, owning a sneaker collection is becoming a hobby and fashion. Nike is one of the prominent brands in the sneaker world. However, Jordan, why not is one of the best collaborations ever made.

Michael Jordan is one of the most well-known athletes of all time in the basketball arena. The famous Jordan jump and the logo sump up the popularity and comfort of the brand. Jordan, why not one of the renowned collections of the Jordan collab? The uniqueness and comfort of the brand make it different from the other brand.

Jordan Why Not – Classic Collections And Choices In India

After a slight change of scene, Russell Westbrook’s move from the starter to the second session has reignited the momentum behind his game. And while the Nike LeBron 20 has been considered the go-to silhouette for non-Laker exclusive wearers, the nine-time All-Star and the Jordan brand have been working diligently behind the scenes to create the latest Brodie complete silhouette.

The Jordan Why not? 0.6 While no technical information has been released about the pair, recently leaked images show the silhouette embodying an Iron Man aesthetic and utilizing a dominant red hue over the semi-translucent upper with mesh overlays and reinforced foam overlays secured with embellishments, according to Headlines.

Color-coordinated with the ridged sole unit and pebble tongue construction, the liner features brighter shades of yellow, while the forefoot zipper garage features the message “WHY NOT?”.

Set to the right or upside down. While a rare inclusion of black lines on the inner tongue, lemon accents recreate the tongue’s Jumpman and its underfoot appearance along the tread.

Jordan Why Not Price Ranging

Jordan Why Not comes with different price ranging. Moreover, many models and colors have another price range. In addition, various shopping outlets provide different price ranges. Therefore, it depends on the person to choose a suitable color and shopping outlet.

Some of the limited edition series comes with collaboration, but these prices are sky-high. So Jordan, Why Not release the models with Michael Jordan’s autograph? In addition, it sometimes also allows customization according to personal choices.

Jordan Why Not comes between a price ₹7,495 and ₹14,495. However, all the models sum up in between these price ranges. It is because the unique addition has different costs and popularity than this conventional pricing.

Different Jordan Why Not Products And Prices

Reviews On Different Models Of Jordan Why Not

The reviews make the customers more interested in the products. It allows people to choose the best Jordan Why Not series according to their preferences. However, all the models compete with each other pretty well. Here are some Jordan Why Not model reviews according to customer satisfaction.

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 – Review

Any basketball fan knows Michael Jordan’s impact on the game, both on the court and through his culture-defining sneakers.

Jordan has recruited current great players to customize its boots, including Russell Westbrook. Ideal for wearing on the pitch, Westbrook’s Why Not shoes look unique and stylish too.

What makes Westbrook’s Zer0.3 “Why Not” so desirable is down to two simple criteria: comfort and performance.


Good running shoes are not one size fits all. However, these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

I was impressed when I tried them on in the store, and that feeling carried over onto the court when I first played in them. Of course, quick cuts can blister a new pair of sneakers, but I could stop on a dime with these.


Because of the ferocity Russell Westbrook plays with, you know his signature shoes need to offer top-notch control and support. The Zer0.3s doesn’t disappoint here. I could cut to the maximum without pain or blisters and felt safe on both ends of the court.

The front strap helps keep your foot more secure. The heel pocket ensures no extra movement that could cause injury when playing at a high level.

I felt like I could play at full power without worrying. At 38, he could pace up and down the court with the same tenacity he had when playing in college.

Strong and flexible, the shoe flows as you move without sacrificing a sense of security. That, combined with the traction and Zoom Air cushioning, is sure to up your game.


These shoes feel good and look great. My shoe options are generally more traditional, with a simple colors scheme. However, I usually like my sneakers to shake it up—the Zer0.3s jump at my feet.

When I told the Footlocker guy, I would buy them to play with. He said, “Wait, are you only going to wear them to basketball? I would use them a bit before I play ball with them.”

Having worn them a few times, I’m happy to report that they make quite a statement on the pitch too. Built-in styles are functional and fashionable. In addition, the outer straps that connect to the bottom lace seem to help hold the shoe together.

For the color, I went with Melon Tint/Hyper Crimson/Coconut Milk/Atomic Orange, or as I like to call it, “Creamsicle.” As someone who would never normally wear these colors, I have to say they nailed it. You look beautiful.

Review On Russell Westbrook’s Jordan Why Not Zer0.1

After Russel Westbrook made history a few nights before by becoming the player with the most triple-doubles of all time. Moreover, It was fair to go back to his first signature boot and this intriguing colorway.

The “mirror image” is fitting, as Russel Westbrook’s distinctive playstyle and fashion sense allow him to create new ways of storytelling, as does the legend whose brand makes Westbrook’s signature sneaker, Michael Jordan. Find out more about this, the rating, and more below! Stay tuned to the YouTube channel to see if this is also covered there, but read below for now.

Aesthetics And Design

What drew me to this shoe as it is it is aesthetic. I love this artwork, designed like a newspaper collage with various word clippings and images by Russell Westbrook and Michael Jordan. The entire upper of the shoe has some red details that provide a nice contrast, including the bow, laces, and a large Jumpman logo. The purpose of this design is to relate to storytelling but also reference spaces covered with posters of sports icons like Brodie (Westbrook) and MJ (Jordan).

You can also notice the black strap with the Westbrook logo, but underneath it on the tongue is his key that says “Why Not?” But, again, the print/pattern takes center stage, so it’s wise to keep it simple with a wide midsole and large black Pylon foam heel counter. The outsole is translucent with significant traction (see below), but it considers a revised oval shape, which IMO is the full-length Zoom air unit.

Preferances On Sizing And Performance

Unlike other basketball shoes in my collection, I trained and wore these. Personally, they are not my favourites, but for some people, they are. While I liked the mesh underneath, I found the shoe to be clunky. However, that might be my playstyle (my favorite game is PG 2.5). I recommend checking out genuine Hooper reviews if you’re interested in playing these.

One thing you can’t deny is traction. It’s easily some of the best traction I’ve seen in my shoes. I don’t tighten the laces; I don’t think it’s necessary because it works almost like a slip-on. After all, you don’t get rid of that locked-in feeling in the forefoot. In terms of sizing, I would say go with your actual size for the best possible fit.

Jordan ‘Why Not Zer0.5

Russell Westbrook is fast. In 48 minutes of play, he’s in the air for a few seconds at most, and he spends most of that time leaving opponents in the dust. The Jordan Why not? Zer0.5 optimizes Russ’ speed superpower with data-driven traction and a whole-foot customization system to hold you back and stay in control. It has the rugged, purposeful look of a trail running shoe combined with the deliberate clash of colors and materials at the heart of the Why Not?


Jordan Why Not has one of the best collections from the Jordan collaboration. There are different models and patterns considering comfort and style. In addition, it is one of the most prominent brands with the highest market, i.e., Nike. The premium Jordan Why Not series comes with the athletes’ autographs. Moreover, it comes in a limited edition, So the demand is on the next level. The above article provides an overview of Jordan Why Not, which makes the customer choose the right one according to his preferences.


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