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Internal Facebook Osborne Zdnet – The Data Piracy

Internal facebookosbornezdnet – Facebook was in the headlines for releasing the data of the users online. All the data includes the full name of the users, date of birth, mobile number, and all other personal details. The company gave an official statement about the old data being released which was scraped in 2019.

Moreover, it is a functionality issue in the company’s user base. In addition, an internal email was accidentally leaked by Facebook to a journalist. These leaks show the true intentions of the company to show the data scrapping as a normalized event.

Internal Facebook Osborne Zdnet

Charlie Osborne is a cybersecurity journalist and also a photographer who writes for ZDNET. She also writes for CNET from London. As published by ZDNET, Facebook is always been at the forefront of all user privacy concerns. Moreover, researchers reveal the information to be belonging to 533 million users. The scraping and posting of online data on April 14 created widespread criticism.Internal Facebook Osborne Zdnet

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is also looking into the matter and setting up a committee. In addition, an internal email is also leaked to the media which makes the matter more complex. The committee has sent various queries to the company asking about a breach of conduct. However, the matter came to light as Facebook accidentally revealed the journalists in the internal email discussion.

Raidforums Babuk Usled Europol 500k Ilascubleepingcomputer

Diogo Santos Coelho is the owner of RaidForums, who is a resident of UK. He may be deported to the US on the count of conspiracy, accessibility device fraud, and severe identity theft. raidforums babuk Usled europol 500k ilascubleepingcomputer.

Ionut Ilascu is a technology writer who focuses on cybersecurity and all topics including malware, security defenses, and innovations in information security. As bleeping computer reports, the 21-year-old raidforums founder who is in custody found the company as a 14-year-old. However, in a major announcement, Europol states the company has 500k+ users from hundreds of different databases all around. It is one of the world’s largest hacking forums that are stealing the data.Raidforums Babuk Usled Europol 500k Ilascubleepingcomputer

As of now, it is unclear about the duration of the investigation but the officials made clear the different individual roles in the Raidforums. The 21-year-old was controlling the base since January 1, 2015. Coelho was operating the site with the help of a few administrators, who are helping him in selling and buying stolen goods. The company made a profit by charging fees for various membership tiers and selling credits to access privileged areas of the site.

Bug Synapse Windows Razer Razerabramsbleepingcomputer

Lawrence Abrams, the owner, and editor-in-chief of bleeping computer states about a razer mouse and keyboard that allows becoming a windows admin just by plugging in. Razer is one of the famous brands known for its gaming mouses and keyboards. The company claims that it has more than 100 million users worldwide. In addition, here is zero-day vulnerability in the razer synapse installation that helps users gain system privilege on windows.

System privileges have the highest user rights available on windows to perform any command. If any user gains system privileges on windows, they take complete control and install anything including malware. Moreover, with no response from the users Jonhat discloses zero-day vulnerability on Twitter in a short video.Bug Synapse Windows Razer Razerabramsbleepingcomputer

As a test conducted by Bleeping Computer, it shows to have gained system privileges in just two minutes after plugging in. It must be considered that it is a local privilege escalation (LPE) vulnerability, it means that you must have a Razer device and physical access to a computer. However,the bug is so easy to exploit as you just need to spend $20 on Amazon for Razer mouse and plug it into Windows 10 to become an admin.

3.7m Decemberilascubleepingcomputer

Bleeping Computer publishes about the data of three million users on the FlexBooker a US-based appointment scheduling service. The data was stolen in an attack and is now available on hacker forums for trade. The same intruders are now offering the data claiming to be from another entity.

As Uawrongteam states, the database contains a table with over 10 million lines of customer information. It ranges from payment forms and charges to driver’s license photos. The company sent notifications to customers confirming the attack about the intruders accessing and downloading the amazon cloud storage system. The developers are also pointing out that the information is stolen and available for other purposes.3.7m Decemberilascubleepingcomputer

The FlexBooker attack included the data of about 3.7m accounts on the amazon cloud. The complete data included the email addresses, names, credit card data and mobile numbers.


Hacking and stealing data online is one of the most occurring practices in the current scenario. Many people are falling prey to hackers and are releasing their personal information. The millions of databases across hundreds of platforms are at risk of losing personal information. Moreover, many companies are selling the personal information of users to these hackers for the sake of money.

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