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Alec Cabacungan Net Worth – Biography, Education And More

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth – An 18-year-old student and sporting fan known for appearing in commercials for the Shriners Children’s Hospital network, has spoken about his trip and living with brittle bone disease.

Brittle bone disease is also known as orthogenesis perfect or OI. Cabacungan was confessed to one of the Shriners hospitals with the disease as a child. At age 12, he seemed in a commercial for the hospital network that touched many and aided raise funds through public donations.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace labelled Cabacungan as “the face of Shriners.” Speaking to the newscaster on March 14, Cabacungan said: “All of a sudden, persons were coming up to me, I’m like 12 at the time, I was panicking, I was like ‘who are all these persons, how do they know me?'”

Details of Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

Alec Cabacungan wants to be a sports newscaster. It’s remained his dream for as long as the 19-year-old Oak Park resident can recall. Talking with him, you can sense his fighting spirit will make it happen. The nature that has gotten him through a lifetime of operations and physical therapy.

You can see the determination in his contagious smile. The big chocolate eyes that have commended him by thousands of TV viewers.

Cabacungan is THAT Alec, the patient ambassador/orator for Shriners Children’s Chicago (formerly Shriners Children’s Hospital) who, through a series of commercials over the past seven years, has asked people to give generously to the national hospital system and receive one of those “cuddly” red Teddy bear blankets as a thank-you.

Born with the brittle bone disease orthogenesis perfect, or OI, a genetic bone disorder blamed on a lack of or irregular collagen in the bones, producing them to break frequently and quickly Cabacungan has remained part of the Shriners family since he was two months old.

He’s undergone countless processes, having broken over 60 bones. His most recent process was in December after his wheelchair flipped while wheeling crossways a snow-white sidewalk, leaving him with a broken left bear, right knee, and left hip.

Biography of Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

alec cabacungan net worth

It was a setback not only bodily but scholastically, too. He’s had to take a leave of non-appearance from Northwestern University, majoring in sports broadcasting, to undergo intense post-surgery physical therapy at the Oak Park Avenue infirmary centre.

Alex has a relatively basic form of the disease,” says Dr Peter Smith, Cabacungan’s long-time physician and surgeon at Shriners. “He was born with breaks and bowing of the extended bones of his arms and legs. So he required lots of splinting and moulding when he was younger and subsequently surgery on most of the long frames of his body to put in intramedullary rods to make the bones stronger. It makes the bone straighter, more stable, so it doesn’t break so much.”

For Cabacungan, it meant living a fuller life, counting live wheelchair basketball —Shriners called its onsite basketball law court in his honour — and attending “regular schools like his nuns and his networks.”

He progressed from Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and Oak Park-River Woodland High School, and “everyone was tremendous at school. There was no bullying. I had an excellent provision group, from students to faculty to parents, who always looked out for me. Being the only child in school in a wheelchair was challenging, but it never made me feel out of place.

“I always hung out with the sporting kids, and they always made me feel overwhelming,” he says. “In sixth grade, I originated wheelchair sports and complicate with the Chicago Park District’s adaptive sports programs. From the sixth score on, I played wheelchair basketball and wheelchair softball, and that’s when I felt like I was part of a side.”

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth Education

These days, he focuses on college at North-western, where he lives in a dorm and drives a specially modified van. But Cabacungan says he also wants to last “to give spinal to Shriners,” to give hope to kids like him and their relations. When I was in a sixth or seventh score, somebody from administration asked my family and me to participate in a reasonable fundraising effort for the hospital,” Cabacungan says. “Shriners has aided me in every aspect of my life, so my family and I decided that if it were going to help the hospital and the kids, we would do it.”

“In any kind of rare illness, the dissemination of info serves numerous functions,” Smith says. “It allows parents and others to rally composed to raise cash and awareness for investigation, treatment, and support groups for families, for example. Alec has raised the consciousness of Shriners tremendously. It takes someone like Alec with that great, aggressive personality.”

Alec Cabacungan Net Worth Family

In addition to the advertisements (which often co-star Montreal-based Kaleb-WolfeMelon Torres. This pal and “little comrade,” whom he calls “King Kaleb”), Cabacungan. Then his parents Alma and GillCabacungan travel the country on behalf of Shriners. He’s attended the country’s NBA, NFL, and college games. If receiving the word out about OI and Shriners —and honed his sportscasting/colour commentary services. He has hosted his individual YouTube show, questioning athletes across the sports spectrum.

“There are lots of problems that people with disabilities have to express in their lives. It was among the highest in the world last November. And then, the chance occurs, altering the trajectory of the next four months. There are definitely times when I depress about myself. I feel like I’m competing additional with myself than anybody else. I never felt like people could stop me, even though in the back. Of my mind I can not ever forget about my disability,” Cabacungan says.

“I just hope persons realize that people with disabilities aren’t different than anyone else,” he says. “We have feelings and a heart. We shouldn’t treat otherwise just since we look different. I hope that’s OK to say. That’s how I go about my life. You should expect us to do countless things, too.”


There are few places as hopeful and heart-breaking as a children’s hospital, especially around the holidays. While there are many, you may know Shriners Hospitals for Children because of one exceptional patient. I rummage-sale known as fair that kid in the wheelchair. Now I’m Alec in the commercials, and that’s special to me. I said 17-year-old Alec Cabacungan of Chicago.

Brittle bone disease is just what it noises like. Alec’s frames are so delicate he could crack a rib even with something as simple as a sneeze. Physical treatment helps, but there is no cure.

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