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Whirlpool Washer Error Codes – The Best Possible Solutions

Whirlpool washer error codes are the codes that appear on the display of the washer. These codes indicate that there is an error occurring in the functioning of the machine. All the codes displayed on the screen indicate a different problem.

The Washers are generally categorized depending upon their design i.e. front load washer and top load washer. Each washer has different error codes and every code displays a different problem. Whirlpool is one of the most recognized brands all over the globe. Hence, it is necessary to provide the best service for the customers. However, Whirlpool never disappoints its customers and provides the best service.

Error Codes in my Whirlpool Front Load Washer

The given below are some of the front load washer error codes, that help to diagnose your issue. However, all these error codes may not be applicable to your model. So, it is necessary to follow the user manual as it is solely based on your model.

  • LOC or LC Error indicates that the control lock is activated. The possible solution for the problem is to touch the control button and in some, it requires pressing and holding for a few seconds.
  • dET indicates that there is no detergent cartridge detected in the dispenser. It is applicable only to selected models, make sure that the dispenser cartridge is correctly inserted.
  • rL or F34 indicates that there are certain items in the clean washer cycle. It is necessary to remove the items and restart the washer.
  • F7 E1 error shows that there is a motor speed sensing error. The error causes fluctuation in the speed of the washer. So, check whether the washer is overloaded and press the pause or cancel button twice and the power button a single time to clear the code.
  • If there are other F# E# error codes different than the manual, unplug the washer and disconnect the power. Restart the washer if the problem persists then contact the service provider.Error Codes in my Whirlpool Front Load Washer

Error Codes in my Whirlpool Top Load Washer

The best information about the error codes is available from the user manuals. These manuals are designed to assist users in case of any error depending on the model. Here are some of the general error codes and possible solutions for the errors.

  • drn error code indicates water is not draining properly. However, there might be an installation issue and it must be corrected by re installing the device.
  • LdL indicates the lid is not locking. There might be an reason that the items under the lid are preventing the lid from locking. So, check the items and also the detergent built up around the lid lock mechanism.
  • LF, Lo FL, or F8 E1 error codes indicate towards the washer is taking more time than usual. A possible solution is to look if the water supply is interrupted. Open the water supply taps to check the supply of water. Make sure that both outlets are open and the supply of water is not interrupted.
  • PF indicates the process of washing is interrupted by power failure. The possible way is to press and hold the start button to restart the washer. In addition, you can also press power to clear the display.
  • If there are issues other than the regular ones, then you can contact the technician for support.Error Codes in my Whirlpool Top Load Washer

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes

Whirlpool is a household brand, and while not every appliance you own is a hot tub, if it’s this brand, you can be sure you’re getting a pretty good appliance. But any device will wear out over time and malfunction. It’s just something that’s going to happen.

At best, if you are lucky, your Whirlpool Duet washer will give you an error code. This may not tell you exactly what’s wrong, but it does show you the general scope of the problem so you can fix it quickly. Some error codes are more precise than others, but all are essential in the best possible way.

SUDS Error

If your washing machine is throwing this error, you probably don’t need it. You can probably see the soapy water in the drum. These are difficult to empty, but a squirt of white vinegar can fix the problem. You must make sure you are using the right detergent for your washing machine and not using too much. Other than that, it may indicate a problem with the drain pump or pressure switch.

FoE1 Error

It mostly occurs if you are pressing the wrong button. It indicates that the items are detected inside during the washer clean cycle.

F1E1 Error

This is a huge control error. This usually means that the main control board is reporting errors. You can try unplugging the washer and waiting for it to restart, but the error code will likely return if there is a real problem with it.

F8E4 Error

This is another error code that appears when the washer is having trouble filling. However, this time it indicates a problem with the flow meter.

F9E1 Error

This is the most common error code. This means the washer took too long to drain mid-cycle. That usually means you have a clog somewhere, but it can also mean the drain pump has failed if you still have standing water.


Whirlpool looks after its customers very efficiently by providing the best service. The user manuals are always very essential in detecting the issue and working on it. However, in some cases, it is necessary that you require a technician to solve the issue.

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