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MTAR Technologies Limited is an accuracy engineering solutions company listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) under the stock symbol “MTARTech.” The company primarily manufactures and supplies critical and differentiated high-technology products to the aerospace, defense, nuclear, and medical industries. Its products include special alloys, precision machined components, and assemblies.nse mtartech(1)

MTAR Technologies Limited is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, and has manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The company has a diverse client base, which includes many well-known global companies in the aerospace and defense sectors.

As of Sep 2021, as per the extent of my knowledge, the market capitalization of MTAR Technologies Limited was around Rs 5,228 crore. However, please note that share prices and market capitalization can fluctuate over time and may have changed since then.

Some Lines about NSE

National Stock Exchange (NSE) is one of India’s leading stock exchanges, focusing on technology, transparency, and efficiency. It was established in 1992 and remained headquartered in Mumbai, India. NSE provides a fully automated electronic trading platform that facilitates trading in various financial instruments, including equity, derivatives, debt securities, and currency derivatives.

With thousands of companies listed on the stock exchange, NSE has a broad reach and significant market share in the Indian stock market. The Exchange operates on an order-driven system, where orders are matched electronically based on price and time priority. NSE has implemented several measures to ensure safety, transparency, and efficiency in trading, which include a robust risk management system, regular supervision, monitoring of trading activity, and dissemination of real-time market data.

NSE remains controlled by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which manages all stock exchanges in India. The Exchange plays an essential role in the Indian economy by providing a platform for companies to raise capital and investors to invest in diverse financial instruments. NSE has also contributed to developing financial markets in India by introducing new products and services and implementing state-of-the-art technology.

MTAR Tech is Preparing to develop a Satellite Launch

Hyderabad-based MTAR Technologies has entered into an MoU with India’s National Center for Space Promotion and Empowerment (IN-SPACE) to design and develop a two-stage liquid small satellite launcher in low Earth orbit.

Powered by semi-cryogenic technology, the proposed launch vehicle will have a payload of 500 kg, MTAR said while announcing the MoU with the Department of Space Unit.

“The two parties have entered into a framework memorandum for various requirements, including avionics, subsystem test, and launch facility, as well as other requirements that may arise during the design, development, and launch phase.” The MoU will be effective for three years,” MTAR said in a stock exchange filing on December 12.MTAR Tech is Preparing to develop a Satellite Launch

private Firms to Foray into the Space Tech Sectors

Company one step closer to graduating from precision engineering to complete system integration by initiating two-stage project development for Low Earth Orbit with all-liquid small satellite launchers to handle 500 kg payloads in Low.

Earth Orbit is taking It has adopted the all-liquid route to leverage its expertise of over three decades in liquid-powered engine manufacturing,” said Dr. Parvata Srinivasa Reddy. MTAR has seven manufacturing units, including an export-oriented unit located in Hyderabad. It caters to the civil nuclear, space, defense, and clean energy sectors.

MTAR’s announcement to enter small satellite launch vehicles comes after a growing interest among private companies in the space technology sectors. Skyroot Aerospace and Dhruv Space, two space technology startups from Hyderabad, have been in the limelight. Skyroot Aerospace created history with India’s first privately developed rocket Vikram-S, launched in November. A few days later, Dhruv Space found nanosatellites.

MTAR Tech makes Stellar Debut

Most brokerages have recommended a ‘Subscription’ rating on the issue, given the MTAR and the vast growth opportunity for high-margin business, which will help profitability flow to the bottom line.

Shares of precision engineering solutions company MTAR Technologies opened strongly on Monday at Rs 1,063.90, up 85 percent from its issue price of Rs 575 per share on the BSE. The stock opened at Rs 1,050, up 83 percent from its issue price, on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Post listing, the stock rallied 93 percent to hit a high of Rs 1,110 on the BSE and Rs 1,100 on the NSE. At 10:01 am, the stock traded at Rs 1,092, up 90 percent from its issue price. The S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 declined by 1 percent each.

MTAR Technologies One-Year Total Shareholder

Shareholders of MTAR Technologies Limited might be worried after witnessing. A 29% drop in its share price in the last quarter. But that does not change the fact that the returns have been good over the previous year. The company beat index funds with a 72% gain in the year.

While MTAR Technologies has shaved ₹4.4 billion off its market value this week, let’s look at its long-term fundamental trends. And also see if they contributed to the rebound.MTAR Technologies One-Year Total Shareholder

It cannot remain denied that markets are sometimes efficient, but prices do not always reflect underlying business performance. An imperfect but straightforward way to see how market sentiment has changed about a company is to compare. The change in earnings per share (EPS) to the change in share price.

MTAR Technologies has grown EPS by 44% in the last twelve months. This EPS growth is much lower than the share price growth of 72%. Indicating that the market is now bullish on the stock. The generous P/E ratio of 81.31 also points to this optimism.


Shareholders of MTAR Technologies should be pleased with a total return of 72% over the last twelve months, including dividends. Unfortunately, the share price is down 29% over the previous quarter. It can generally happen that the share price goes up even though fundamental developments are weighing on it. Looking at share price over the long term as a proxy for business performance is mesmerizing. But to gain insight, we also need to consider other information.

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