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NSE: Gail Share Price and the Fundamentals

NSE: Gail is the stock exchange market of the company Gail. Stocks and their value change from time to time with the change in the market. These changes help the investors to earn as well as lose money. The stocks comprise certain data from the previous weeks that help in a better understanding of the current price.

Moreover, the stock market is the best place to get a return on your investments. In addition, it is also necessary to understand the right time to invest as well as withdraw the money.

GAIL (India) Limited is India’s leading natural gas company with diversified interests across the natural gas value chain, from trading, transportation, LPG production and transmission, LNG regasification, petrochemicals, urban gas, exploration and production, etc.

It owns and operates a network of approximately 14,617 km of natural gas pipelines spread throughout the country. It is also working on running multiple pipeline projects at the same time to further improve distribution.

What is NSE: Gail active Share Price?

The current price as of 19 April 2023 for NSE: Gail is Rs.109.50. However, there is a slight downfall from the previous day which stands at 110.40. The minor difference of 0.55% doesn’t change the value of the stocks. There are ups and downs in the market that changes from time to time. However, selecting the perfect time to invest or to withdraw helps in generating major profits.

The adjusted price is displayed when the security is subject to corporate action, such as a dividend, bonus, warrant, or par value split. In the event of a corporate event (ex-date), the percentage change in relation to the adjusted price is calculated.What is NSE: Gail active Share Price?

For securities that will be the subject of an auction call in the case of new listings/IPOs in a special pre-open session; re-registration; corporate action; Follow-up action, etc., the percentage change is calculated relative to the equilibrium price established in the session.

The closing price will be updated after 18:15 based on the joint press release of February 9, 2018 (joint press release). Prices are adjusted for corporate actions such as bonuses, par value splits, warrants, etc.

The applicable 10% dynamic price bands for securities in derivatives or securities included in indices for which derivative products are available may be relaxed in both directions during the day in case of coordinated market developments with other exchanges.

The sector index and P/E are for reference only and do not necessarily imply that security is a component of the index. Click here to search for stocks included in the index.

The Major Shareholdings of the company Gail

Promoter holdings are slightly better from the previous financial year with a rise of 0.03. However, the Domestic Institutional Investors rose from 15.9 to 17.92 helping to have a better margin. Foreign Institutional Investors holdings made a downfall from 19.62 (31 Mar 2022) to 16.4 (31 Mar 2023).

In addition, other investor holdings also had better growth than the previous financial year from 12.68 to 13.77 with a difference of 1.09. NSE: Gail share has a market capitalization of Rs 71,997.34 Cr. However, in the Gas & Petroleum sector, the market cap ranks at 5th position.The Major Shareholdings of the company Gail

The proper knowledge of the company helps in a fairer amount of profit. The Nse: Gail stock price lasted at the lowest price of Rs. 65 and with the highest price of Rs. 182.70.

Fundamentals of NSE: Gail in the Stock Market

The fundamentals of the stocks help in understanding the stocks better. The market cap and return on equity (ROE) are valued at ₹71,997Cr and 20.90%. The face value of the stocks is 10. The above information indicates that these are perfect for investing at the current time. Share price of any stock is not fixed it changes due to multiple reasons.

The book value of the stocks is 100.08 with a slight change from the previous day. Gail owns and operates a network of approximately 14,500 kilometers (km) of natural gas pipelines. It is also focused on expanding its presence in renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biofuels. Its subsidiaries include GAIL Global (Singapore) PTE Ltd, GAIL Global (USA) Inc., GAIL GAS Limited, Tripura Natural Gas Co Ltd., Bengal Gas Limited, and Konkan LNG Limited.


NSE: Gail stocks are growing in market capitalization from time to time. The major source of revenue for the company comes from oil and natural gas. Stock market is a hub for all the investors who are interested in generating major sums of profit. Moreover, some special skills are required to understand the correct time of investment in the stocks.

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