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Nse: DLF Limited Stocks Share Price in the Market

The national stock exchange needs no introduction in today’s market as the majority of people are investing in the stock exchange. Nse: DLF is also one such stock that helps in generating a majority of profits. However, investors are bound to look after certain criteria before investing in any of the stocks. So, here we provide you detailed information about the Nse: DLF that helps in better understanding.

At DLF, we leverage our unique position as industry pioneers to rewrite India’s real estate history. We pride ourselves on enacting, demonstrating, and exceeding the highest environmental standards that address our nation’s most pressing challenges.

What is Nse: DLF?

NSE abbreviates in defining as the national stock exchange in the global market. The DLF company which is majorly having a hold in the real estate sector is one of the best value stocks. The slight difference in the stocks makes it value for all the money. There is a lesser chance of loss in stocks and in return helps in earning a perfect balance.What is Nse: DLF?

DLF invests in promoting sustainability across all industries, from the pioneering wastewater treatment systems at DLF Golf and Country Club. However, it is also responsible for the recycling of our building materials. The company strives to educate and empower all stakeholders about shared environmental commitments. However, the intention of bringing the Indian industry to the global forefront of eco-innovation.

National Stock Exchange on the DLF Limited

The Nse: DLF price is slightly on the higher side with the price maintained at Rs. 422. The adjusted price is displayed when the security is subject to corporate action, such as a dividend, bonus, warrant, or par value split. In the event of a corporate event (ex-date), the percentage change in relation to the adjusted price is calculated.

For securities that will be the subject of an auction call in the case of new listings/IPOs in a special pre-open session; re-registration; corporate action; Follow-up action, etc., the percentage change is calculated relative to the equilibrium price established in the session.

The closing price will be updated after 18:15 based on the joint press release of February 9, 2018 (joint press release)

52-Week High/Low prices are adjusted for corporate actions such as bonuses, par value splits, warrants, etc.National Stock Exchange on the DLF Limited

The applicable 10% dynamic price bands for securities in derivatives or securities included in indices for which derivative products are available may be relaxed in both directions (up/down) during the day in case of coordinated market developments with other exchanges.

The sector index and P/E are for reference only and do not necessarily imply that the security is a component of the index. Click here to search for stocks included in the index.

The Economic Times Report on Nse: DLF

DLF share has a market capitalization of Rs 1,04,916 Cr. However, looking into the real estate sector it is currently ranking in the top position. The data of Nse: DLF is observed from the past 52 weeks and the price ranges from Rs. 294.70 to Rs. 427.00. However, there is a insignificant change in the price difference in the stocks price. So, it makes it one of the best stocks to invest in the market.

Let us have a clear look at the key owners who own the DLF stock. There is no change in the promoter holding from the last 9 months which stays at a value of 74.95. domestic institutional investors holding have increased from 3.36 to 5.1. The change is calculated in between 30 June 2022 to 31 March 2023.

There is a certain downfall in the foreign institutional investors from the previous price of 16.13 to 14.66. However, the other investors also have a certain downfall with a slight change in margins from the previous 5.56 to 5.29.


The Nse: DLF is the national stock exchange platform that provides complete information about the stocks of DLF Limited. The DLF is one of the well-known companies in India which has a good name in the Real Estate sector. However, before investing it is necessary to have complete look at the previous data of the stocks. It helps in understanding the stocks better. Moreover, the previous data manages the records of the highs and lows of the stocks.

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