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Maytag Washer Error Codes With The Perfect Solution

Maytag Washer Error Codes

Maytag washer error codes are the codes that appear on the display when there is an issue with the washer. Each code displays a different problem and they don’t co-relate with each other. The company has set its base in the United States at 600 West Main Street, Benton Harbor.

The error codes vary in the different models depending on the variant it is. They are generally of two categories front load and top load washers. When you bring home a trusted Maytag device, you bring home the hardest-working helper in the house.

Because a smoothly running home needs a fridge that runs long, a dishwasher that do some work for you, an oven that does more so you can cook more, and a washing machine that’s always ready to give you a good boost Clothing. the pants. That’s why we guarantee that Maytag equipment will always work as well as you do.

Some Error Codes in Maytag Front Load Washer

The error codes appearing on the screen consists of the different short form in the framing of letters. Most of the errors are coverable by using simple techniques. Here are some of the best possible solutions for the errors.

Some Error Codes in Maytag Top Load Washer

If your Maytag top loading washing machine is displaying an error code, you can try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem. These may not be all error codes for your model. Consult your owner’s manual for specific error codes for your model.

Ofb Error code

It indicates that the load of the washer is out of balance. There are certain steps to follow to correct the error.

There are certain changes in the making of washers before and after 2018. The changes made are in the working mechanism and display of the device.


International brands never compromise in providing the best service to customers. Moreover, they are also very concerned about responding to existing customers as early as possible. Most of the error codes can be cleared by applying certain methods. In some rare cases, where the issue persists for longer durations you can contact the support and get the help of the technician.

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