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Mathler – Rules, Guidelines, Strategy, And More


Mathler is a beautiful game for all the mathematics lovers out there. The simple calculative procedures to answer the equations are the best way to play the game. Moreover, the official website provides a single puzzle each day to solve and give a response. There are six chances for the person playing to answer the correct response.

What is Mathler?

Mathler is a simple mathematics game available for free on its website. However, there are no advertisements, and it is open to playing only once daily.

Unlike Wordle, you are given the solution upfront; in this instance, a solution is a number. The task is to solve the equation that results in the number using the digits 0 to 9 and the operations +, -, *, and / placed in the six boxes.

That is more difficult than it appears because there are numerous ways to determine the answer at any time. For instance, if the answer is 20, the solution might be either 1*5+15 or 30-8-2; the challenge is determining which option is accurate.

Like Wordle, you receive some hints: if a digit is accurate and in the proper location, it will glow green. If it is correct but in the wrong place, it will be yellow; if incorrect, it will be gray.

What are the rules of Mathler?

Mathler is simple and light on rules, similar to Wordle (yeah, we’ll repeat that a lot):

Guidelines for playing mathler

Mathler, created by independent hacker Daniel Tait, was made available in early February, just after the New York Times purchase. Players in this Wordle clone with math problems must determine the “secret computation.”

Players have six chances to guess the correct answer in the same format as their inspiration. A shift in the color of the tiles, where green denotes a correct guess and yellow means that the guess is present in the solution but in a different position, shows the players’ progress.

The difference is that this version provides players with the solution up front, unlike other variations. The game’s primary target is to create an equation using the numbers 0 through 9 and the four operators +, -, *, and / that equals the final result provided. Six squares are provided, and there can be up to two operators in the answer.

The difficulty arises from the fact that there are various approaches to arriving at a solution. Players must use parentheses, exponentials, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction (commonly abbreviated as PEMDAS) in the order specified in their equations.

What is an excellent Mathler strategy?

We’ve only played one game so far, which we finished in 4/6 guesses so this part won’t take too long. That suggests that working backward is the best course of action. Why do I say that?

So how did you get at that if you already knew the answer was 50? 10*5 is one potential route; therefore, let’s follow it. The first part of the equation must now be solved, leaving you with 10 — possibly 18-8 — as the final result. Thus, your formula would be 18-8*5 = 50.

But that won’t work because it doesn’t adhere to PEDMAS, as several readers have pointed out. Your task will become a bit simpler after you decide on an equation that is correct but (nearly likely) isn’t the answer; for example, you’ll know that it might not contain an eight but might have a minus.

Of course, that also makes it more difficult because it reduces the number of possible directions; if you’ve ruled out several digits and operations, finding an equation that matches your assumption can be challenging. In each case, you’ll need a mix of luck and reason to arrive at the correct answer, again similar to Wordle.

There are many math-based puzzle games online, but Mathler seems to have the perfect balance of difficulty and uses the now-familiar Wordle pattern.

How do I play Mathler?

While Wordle and games like it may appear relatively similar on the surface, Mathler is far more complex. Six tiles must be filled, including several mathematical operators. In Mathler, all you need is the equation; in Needle, you must consist of the answer in your guesses.

Sadly, it is impossible to cheat through Mathler using tactical estimates and some strategic thinking because the target amount changes daily. Instead, you’ll need to visit the Mathler website daily and work toward the solution using the feedback from each guess.

Like Wordle, a green tile denotes that the number or operator is in the proper location; an orange tile denotes that it is present in the equation but not in the appropriate place. And a grey tile means that it is not present in the solution. Although the layout is well known, finishing each Mathler is no simple task.

It concludes our list of Mathler answers. Always check back, as we’ll add the most recent solution to our list for you to consider while sipping your morning coffee. Check out the Quordle words of the day for additional puzzles. One could argue that today’s swear word is also educational.

Mathler Answer Today –  The Comprehensive Puzzle Solution

The equation of the day can be checked, as well as today’s answer release for the Mathler Daily Math game. The following are a list of the game solutions for the Mathler puzzles (Easy Mathler, five squares and one operator, Mathler, six squares, and up to 2 operators, and Hard Mathler, eight yards, and up to 3 operators): Players in the free to play online math calculation game Mathler get six chances to predict a mathematical equation correctly.

For free, we can find all of today’s Math Wordle of the Day answers here. In addition, the Daniel Tait developer released new equation puzzles to solve every day. The Mathler Equations lists, answers, solution archives, and comprehensive instructions for using the Mathler Math games at are provided on this page.

Below are the answers to some of the puzzles according to the date.

DATE Mathler Answers
22nd NOV 2022 48 / 3 + 9
23rd NOV 2022 21 * 5 – 9
24th NOV 2022 25 / 5 * 3
25th NOV 2022 80 / 4 + 3



Mathler game provides an excellent opportunity for all people to improve their skills in mathematics. As in mathler, there are six chances to solve the puzzle, which helps us focus and improve our concentration. In addition, specific rules and playing modes are significant reasons to improve overall skills.

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