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L And T Technology Share Price – The Smart Investment

L And T Technology Share Price – L and T is one of the most profitable brands in the global market. Larsen and Turbo is based in India and is spread across the globe, engaging in EPC projects and Hi-Tech manufacturing and services. However, it works efficiently in over 50 countries providing support and a quest for top-class quality.

Sustaining leadership and proper business management made it the reigning company for over eight decades. The [L and T technology share price] is open to the public with its availability. In addition, investing in L and T technology share price never puts the investor at risk.

What Is L And T Technology Share Price?

Engineering, research, and development (ER&D) services are offered by L&T Technology Services Limited internationally as well as in North America, Europe, and India. In addition, the company’s Transportation business provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 suppliers in the automobile, truck, and off-highway vehicle, rail, aerospace, and automotive industries with technical services and solutions.

The Industrial Products division assists OEM clients in the building automation, energy, equipment, home and office products, and process control industries. Moreover, L and T technology share price is constantly evolving, and it is better not to write off the l and t technology.L And T Technology Share Price

The L and T technology share price opens at 3,764.95, and the previous close was at 3,769.35. The volume contributes to 170,640, including the value of 6,591.79 lakhs. In addition, the high and low L and T technology share price values are at 3,841.00 and 3,762.00, respectively.

Pillars Of Transformation In L And T Technology Share Price

[L and T technology share price] is proliferating and is on a long-term, transformational strategy. The main aim is on core technology areas that are focusing on innovation. Moreover, l and t technology is acquiring more unique ideas than conventional ones. Lastly, it is helping them do wonders in the field of Technology.

Digital Engineering

It aids in developing Smart Products and Services for our clients, removes barriers to decision-making, and improves data collection and transmission. As a result, our customers can increase market share and tap into new revenue streams by utilizing the new generation of intelligent products and services thanks to digital engineering.

Perceptual Engineering

It gives machines a “human edge” and five senses of intelligence (touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight). It also makes it possible for products and machines to reason and grow. Future-proofing technologies we are working on include collaborative robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image and voice processing, neural networks, virtual reality, and human-machine interfaces.

Smart Manufacturing And Operations

We coordinate and integrate our customers’ production process with the changing technological landscape, utilizing technologies for Industry 4.0, networked manufacturing, and automation to construct intelligent plants. However, on the manufacturing floor, smart manufacturing and operations can be implemented at several levels, from intelligent machines and philosophical components to digital factories.

Pervasive Technology In L And T Technology Share Price

It is the era of software and the “Technology of Everything.” Embedded Technology is now pervasive throughout all business sectors. We continue to invest in all areas related to embedded applications, particularly in the crucial building blocks of connectivity, software, eco-friendly technologies, and improved security.

Managing The L And T Technology Share Price

L and T is a multinational company, so it requires special skills to work in the company. The management plays a key role without defining any odds—the essential pillars of work-life culture enduring the technical, fundamental, and behavioral skills. Moreover, The business multiplies when there is coordination within the group.L And T Technology Share Price

[L and T technology share price] fluctuates slightly but maintains the company’s standard. The company provides training programs to improve the employees’ skills and develop new-age technologies. The new technologies include AI, machine learning, human-machine interface, and robotics. In addition, the team maintains a learning platform for the employees to excel better. Lastly, employees can visit the labs and technical rooms to understand work better and gain knowledge.

Our flexible rules encourage employees to give their best work and reflect our belief that a healthy work-life balance fosters ingenuity and curiosity. As a result, you can find true innovative freedom, the ability to create, the drive to deliver, and the swagger of a leader at LTTS.

Value Proposition At L And T Technology Share Price

Firstly, We prioritize our client’s needs and work together to produce best-in-class business results. To satisfy the Key Performance Indicators required for their business, our adaptable engagement models are built for the convenience of our customers.

We are multi-vertical industry experts and focus on a wide range of services across all our business categories. However, Our expertise in various technologies, industry knowledge, multi-site project management skills, and state-of-the-art engineering tools are all to our customers’ advantage.

Cross-innovation as a resource for R&D To deliver unique engineering solutions, we continuously build on our strengths in products, processes, and technologies thanks to a multi-sectoral presence that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas.

FAQs Relating To L And T Technology Share Price

The share market is a secure place to invest and earn tonnes of profit. However, it is necessary to have the proper knowledge of the shares. The [L and T technology share price] never disappoints; its investors by providing the appropriate growth in the margin. Moreover, specific queries below give complete information on L and T technology share price.

What Are The Current Share Price And The Returns On L And T Technology Shares?

L and T Technology share price increased by 1.16% from its previous share price of Rs. 3794.0 to Rs. 3,813.00 as of 16 November 2022, 11:18 AM IST. As a result, the L and T technology share price increased by 5.80% over the past month.

How Quickly Can I Examine The L&T Tech Stock?

L&T Tech’s primary metrics include the following:

  • L&T Tech’s PE Ratio is 37.86.
  • L&T Tech’s profit per share is 101.10
  • L&T Tech’s price-to-sales ratio is 8.19.
  • L&T Tech’s price-to-book ratio is 9.53.

Who Is L&T Tech’s Owner?

The main modifications to L&T Tech’s shareholding are as follows:

  • Promoter holdings decreased from 73.93 to 73.87.
  • The ownership of domestic institutional investors increased from 5.42 to 8.0.
  • The amount held by foreign institutional investors has reduced from 9.5 to 6.34.
  • Moreover, Other investor holdings rose to 18.13 from 11.42.

What Is L&T Tech’s Market Capitalization?

L&T Tech’s stock has a market value of Rs. 40,483.86 Cr.

What Is The 52-Week High And Low Of L&T Tech’s Stock?

L&T Tech’s share price in the previous 52 weeks ranged from Rs 2,924.20 to Rs 5,955.50.


L and T technology share price might fluctuate a little, and the investors may feel the heat. But, most importantly, it is one of the oldest and growing. [L and T technology share price] is based on the company’s graph that reflects the highs and lows. The technological development and the skills of the workers are making it grow at a rapid pace. Moreover, the L and T technology share price is the best for the investors to invest, looking at the previous flow in the share market.

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