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HP Laptop Power Cord – Battery, External AC Power

HP Laptop Power Cord

The HP laptop power cord is a 45W laptop adapter that is perfect for replacing or supplementing your existing ones. It is fully compatible with your laptop and includes a 1.2m Type-F shuck power cable. Its DC cable, with an output voltage of 19.5 VDC and a maximum of 2.31 A of output current, incorporates a fixed 7.4 x 5 mm center pin DC connector (HP Smart plug).

This format is usually used for HP laptop but can also be used for other brands with the same configuration.

Characteristics Of HP Laptop Power Cord

HP Notebooks – Using and Testing the External AC Power Adapter

Description Of The Uses Of External AC Power

With external AC power, you can work without the time restrictions imposed by a battery. External power sources may include the AC adapter included with your notebook PC, a docking device, or an international travel power adapter.

Use only the AC adapter supply with the computer, a replacement AC adapter provided by HP, or a compatible AC adapter purchased.

Power States Battery And External AC


When external AC power is connected, the battery will charge, and the battery meter icon in the system tray, near the clock, will change in appearance. And also, When external AC power is disconnected, the computer will use battery power to function, and the screen brightness will automatically dim to extend battery life. To increase the brightness, press Fn + or reconnect the AC adapter.

NOTE: If you use external AC power all the time. And also, it is recommended that you periodically calibrate the battery or, once fully charged, remove the battery before continuing to work on external AC power. And also, Continuously charging the battery without letting it use its charge can deteriorate battery performance and shorten battery life.

It would help if you connected external AC power when you charge or calibrate a battery, install or modify the software (such as drivers or updates), and write information to an optical disc such as a CD or DVD.

Connection To External AC Power

Disconnect your computer by unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet (not by unplugging the power cord from the computer).

Grounding is an important safety measure. And also, If the power cord plug has a 3-pin plug, connect the cord to a grounded 3-pin electrical outlet. Do not disable the power cord’s grounding pin, for example by using a two-pin adapter.

AC Power Adapter Test

You should try the adapter if your laptop exhibits any of the following symptoms when connected to the AC adapter.

The Power Light Is Off

Since the AC adapter test requires turning off the computer, print these instructions before continuing.

Disconnect the AC power adapter cable, remove the battery, and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. And also, This will cause the laptop’s system capacitors to discharge.

Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet or surge protector and connect it to the notebook PC.

If the Notebook PC starts up and usually works, reinsert the battery, and then run Battery Check to continue troubleshooting.

NOTE: If the AC adapter connection is loose, the connector may be damaged and require repair.

Description of AC Adapter Compatibility with International Power Standards

The power adapter supplied with HP Notebook PCs sold in the United States and Canada is not designed for international power sources. And also, However, you can visit to purchase adapters that will power your notebook PC in other countries.

If you purchase a third-party adapter, make sure the adapter uses standard US power (110V, 60Hz) and phone connections.

Determine the Wattage of the AC Adapter

For best performance, use only the AC adapter included with your HP notebook and configure power-managed settings to optimize performance based on your usage habits.

There may be some disadvantages if you use a power adapter with a lower wattage than your notebook requires. And also, The CPU clock speed may reduce to save power, which may cause some programs to run more slowly, the battery to take longer to charge or not charge, or the adapter to feet hotter to the touch.

Connect the AC Power Adapter

Connect the HP AC adapter to an HP notebook to charge the battery and start the notebook.

Understand HP Smart Adapter Messages

Using an AC adapter not designed for your computer may cause the notebook to display a notification message in the lower right corner of the screen.

Use the power connecter that comes with your notebook for the best performance.

NOTE: If the HP Smart Adapter message appears and you are using the adapter provided with the notebook, then update to the latest version of the BIOS for your model.

Output Power Too Low message: This message indicates that the AC adapter is not providing enough power for the notebook user. And also, The battery light blinks rapidly eight (8) times, and the battery icon in the system tray indicates that the computer is running on battery power.

For example, a 65W AC or 65W travel adapter is incompatible with most Mobile Workstation series notebooks. And also, This message does not indicate that the AC adapter needs to replace or is faulty. And also, Use the appropriate AC adapter for your notebook model.


Proper use and storage of your AC power adapter ensure the best performance when charging or turning on the notebook. And also, If the AC power adapter does not recharge the battery or turn on the notebook, troubleshoot the adapter and, if necessary, purchase a replacement.

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