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TechCrunch Invests in Hopin-Streamyard Merger with $250M Series B Investment

Hopin streamyard 250mwilhelmtechcrunch is all about the million-dollar deal between Hopin and Streamyard. One of the fastest-growing startups Hopin is all ends up in acquiring Streamyard. The deal is worth $250 million, with a mix of both cash and stocks. As reported by Techcrunch, Hopin raises $40 million in series A in the later half of June in the year 2020. In addition, $125 million in Series B by the end of November. However, trading in Bitcoin for beginners also became a little bit easier. The eventual trading can be made through this platform as well.

What is Hopin StreamYard?

Hopin is one of the major startups that sells technology platforms, which helps in hosting digital events. StreamYard is a professional live streaming and recording studio. Moreover, you can stream into any of the social platforms. The two major platforms are compatible and can work wonders in each other’s space.

The initial days of Hopin were to provide the organizers the better ability to recreate the in-person and event experience. Moreover, as time passed by they came up with better features to accomplish.What is Hopin StreamYard_

The Major Experiences At The Hopin’s Event

  • Connecting with each other over live video.
  • Sharing of business cards for following up later.
  • Watching of presentation, chatting with each other.
  • Instantly exploring new ideas with interaction and filling out polls.

More importantly, there is private virtual backstage for your speakers. The platform has a better base where you can bring all your team together for any launching events. As Hopin states, it provides a perfect platform for all the events and engages a huge team together. The stats proves to be as it has hosted about 300 events. Firstly, there was something missing in the virtual events as they represent the real thing.

After a series of practices and development, they finally launched the platform in the year 2019. The uniqueness of Hopin is it provides meaningful interactions and networking between different people. The main aim is to allow people to interact and share the experience and not only just watch.


StreamYard is virtual live streaming and recording platform. The main objective in creating StreamYard is ease of use, stability, and professional streams. It is mostly focused on these pillars while helping you have fun and also engaging content with guests. However, you need not know about technology or streaming to get started. In addition, it is simple any yet powerful with its workforce.

Some Better Prospects Of StreamYard

  • Always look professional.
  • No Software Downloads.
  • Multi streaming.

How much did Hopin buy StreamYard for?

Hopin, one of the fastest-growing startups acquires StreamYard for $250 million. The complete payment was in the mode of cash and stocks. The majority of the amount was through the stocks while the remaining is through cash.How much did Hopin buy StreamYard for?

As Techcrunch states, the deal is worth $250 million agreed by both parties. In the most recent round, Hopin said to have grown annual recurring revenue (ARR) from nothing to $20 million in about nine months. Moreover, looking at the stats it appears to be strange that a series B company is at IPO scale, it is all because of Hopin developed form the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Techcrunch used Hopin to host most of the events.

StreamYard co-founder Geige Vandentop speaks about its customers and the stats prove that 15-20% of its customers use the platform for event-related activities.

Hopin Streamyard 250mwilhelmtechcrunch

StreamYard decided to avoid the capital from the external sources during its growth focussing on the customer feedback. In an interview, co-founder speaks about keeping its current rhythm of weekly livestream. Majority concerns over StreamYard selling even after earning a eight digit ARR without any boosters. As Techcrunch states, the tie-up provides the better opportunity for the startup to grow and gain the majority of the costumers.

The virtual event space and the hybrid, online and offline event space that Hopin was originally intended to serve ahead of COVID-19 in 2021, when vaccines are rolled out and the world looks forward to a future of travel, is worth a look. With StreamYard in its fold, however, any slowdown in virtual event software sales growth could be mitigated by the broadcast team’s largely diverse customer base.

Know All About Wilhelm Techcrunch?

Alex Wilhelm is Editor In Chief of TechCrunch. Techcrunch is one of the largest platforms for all technical-related information. Startups, Crypto, Apps, and events are some of the categories of Techcrunch. Moreover, the authors and the editors-in-chief play a vital role in the development of the website.What is Hopin StreamYard_ (2)

Alex Wilhelm is the main editor-in-chief who writes on various start-ups and also plays a major role in the company. There are over four thousand blogs written by Alex Wilhelm on the Techcrunch platform, which shows his importance in the company. He is a student of the University of Chicago. As Techcrunch states, he is one of the main editors in chief.

Ignite Android Iosvenkateshneowin

Slide Ignite is a powerful app that combines all presentations and is easily accessible. Ignite is available for both IOS and android mobiles making it one of the most useful applications. Moreover, it provides a greater experience in terms of presentation and is most useful for the target audience. The app is very advanced and it provides various benefits like saving presentations in local files and various other cloud storage platforms. As Epic Business Mind reports, here are some of the major features of this platform.

  • Create Engaging Presentations.
  • Prepare your Presentation.
  • Creating a Multimedia Presentation.
  • Audio-only presentation.
  • Audience Engaged.
  • Expert in PowerPoint.

Slide Ignite Iosvenkateshneowin

Slide Ignite provides a new feature in iOS that helps in quickly accessing files and sharing with your friends and family. Just a few taps and the slideshow is ready to share with anyone on the iPhone and iPad. However, the app is fun in using and creating the presentation. The Tech Diary publishes detailed information about the slide Ignite discussing about the three types of slides Static, Dynamic, and Interactive. Static is the most basic form of slides to represent only text-based presentation while dynamic slides are more complex.Slide Ignite Iosvenkateshneowin

Dynamic slides are mostly useful in sales presentations. Interactive slides are the most complex of them all allowing users to interact with the content on the slide in the form of polls, quizzes, games, and others. In addition, after adding all the content you can edit adding titles, transitions, and more.

AI 20m Capitalwiggersventurebeat

AI is the future of technology as it is growing at a very faster pace and indulging in a faster work process. As VentureBeat reports, and Sentieo raised $20 million in a series of funding. All these fundings are used for the better future of the platform and make them one of the best.

At Sentieo, the fund raises worth 420 million are led by Ten coves Capital. Investors are already looking for a competitive edge during the pandemic. The company aims to bring a dashboard with various financial tools on a single platform. which considers itself one of the world’s first search engines will use the $20 million funding in the development of the platform and technology. Venturebeat states that the internet is more centralized and powerful tech. corporations. The company was founded by Socher and Bryan McCann in the year 2020 to understand search queries and rank the results.

20m Series Capital Equitywiggersventurebeat

Kyle Wiggers is a writer at VentureBeat who writes about Artificial Intelligence. The writer resides in New York City in the United States Of America. Revenue Grid is a sales platform that performs business with AI-driven deals. The company said to have closed the $20 million series A financing lend by W3 Capital. Vlad Voskresensky, CEO, say that the funding will be used to scale the growth of the company in the US and Ukraine. Automation is becoming a core part of sales processes as companies look to improve efficiency and scale their marketing efforts. As VentureBeat reports, Salesforce revealed that companies using AI for sales increased their leads by over 50% and reduced costs by 40% to 60%.20m Series Capital Equitywiggersventurebeat

Labelbox Series 79mwiggersventurebeat

Labelbox is a startup developing a data annotation and labelling platform. The firm announced to have raised $40 million bringing its total amount to $79 million. However, the company is looking forward to acquire new customers and grow its workforce around the globe using the amount. The start-up was co-founded by Manu Sharma and Brian Rieger in the year 2018. It has a base setup in San-Francisco offering web service and API that allows data science teams work.

Moreover, the admin are eligible to manage access to data and projects for team members. They also get label performance metrics and a catalog of available labelling services. In addition, feature counts and object analytics to improve model capabilities.


Technology is growing at a rapid pace so are the needs of the people. Live streaming and audio recording platform are the need of the hour. It is mostly because of the digital events and interaction of people online. Moreover, all these concerns come to end with tie-up of Hopin and StreamYard as they provide the best platforms for digital events.

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