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Fortnite Launch Fireworks – Different Kinds Of Weapons

Fortnite Launch Fireworks – There was a sneaky addition to the game later that you may have missed, with setting off Fortnite fireworks around Lazy Lake appearing without any fanfare under the Quick Challenges heading. If you didn’t know, these replaced the previous Daily Challenges in Fortnite(opens in a new tab) and often offered quick and simple tasks to add some extra XP to your season total. Still, this particular assignment requires a bit more information.

There are now Fortnite fireworks around Lazy Lake locations, where you can set off these rockets to create an aerial display. Look at the resulting light show in the sky. You should see that it forms the Captain America logo – tying in nicely with the rumoured release of a Captain America outfit and accessories, which should be coming to the Item Shop soon.

If you’re ready to set off Fortnite fire, There are quite a few Fortnite fireworks around Lazy Lake locations, so you have your pick of where you want to go to set them off, although they more focus along the north side of the named area. To set off a Fortnite firework, you must approach it and follow the Launch firework prompt.

Remember that these are likely to be persistent in each match, so if someone else sets off a particular firework before you, it’ll be gone for that game. On the map above, we’ve marked a dozen Fortnite fireworks around Lazy Lake, and you only need to set off five in total, so that should still give you plenty of opportunities to reach your quota. Orks around Lazy Lake, we’ve got all the details you need right here.Fortnite Launch Fireworks

Firework Flare Gun – Flare Gun by Flair

It’s the good vibes, Period, so why not add some fireworks? You won’t be shooting a standard flare with the Firework Flare Gun. Instead, every gunshot you take will be a fireworks show. The area where the firework shell explodes will be usual aflame, causing the start of a spreading blaze.

Firework Flare Gun purposes identically to the Flare Gun in that it is mainly rummage-sale for staining opponents and patterning them, much like a Shakedown. However, when ablaze, if it stays in the air long enough, its determination draws opponents in a 50m radius for 60 seconds. In addition, it can spot opponents in beating seats.

The Firework Flare Gun’s missile deals explosive damage to all nearby players. For example, if the Firework Flare Gun is ablaze at a wooden structure, it will set it alight.

The item will disappear from the actor’s inventory when all six weapon charges have depleted. Unlike a Harpoon Gun, the weapon is replenishing between shots.

The Firework Flare Gun is a projectile armament with First Shot Correctness. Here is no injury falloff on the Firework Flare Guns missiles, but it is pretentious by gravity. In addition, the Flare Shot will stop at a much shorter range than other projectiles due to the nature of the weapon.

Where to Find all Exotic & Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Launch Fireworks – Exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and the Burst Quad Launcher first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5. They were available to purchase from NPCs around The Island using Gold Bar currency.

With Chapter 3 focusing on everything new so far, like the map, some players were unsure if Exotic weapons would stick around. Fortunately, they’re still here, although the details of where to find them have changed.

How to get Unusual Weapons in Fortnite

Exotic weapons can only be learnt by trading Gold Bars with exact NPCs that appear at various locations on the Island. Previously, these NPCs could appear in multiple locations, but fortunately, they’re all static so far in Chapter 3.Fortnite Launch Fireworks

Not sure what Gold Bars are? We’ve got you covered in our handy guide to the Fortnite in-game currency. You’ll need to complete Bounties or missions from NPCs to earn Bars or search safes and shop tills to gather them.

Exotics aren’t as powerful as Mythic weapons, and whether they’re worth spending your Bars is up to you. But like all limited-time weapons and collectables in Fortnite, we’re sure players will do their best to try them all.

How to get Mythic Weapons in Fortnite

There are currently four Mythic rarity weapons you can find in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. These are the Auto Shotgun, Striker Pump Shotgun, Ranger Assault Rifle, and Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Unlike previous Fortnite seasons, which have had unique Mythic weapons like Wolverine’s Claws or the Sideways Scythe, this season’s Mythic are just more powerful versions of the regular weapons.


Fortnite Launch Fireworks – Functionality. Firework Flare Gun is identical to the Flare Gun in that it is mainly a rummage sale for spotting adversaries and patterning them, much like a Shakedown. However, when ablaze, if it stays in the air long enough, it will draw all opponents in a 50m radius for 60 seconds.

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