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www creedthoughts gov www creedthoughts – A Contoversy

Creedthoughts is a blog written by Ryan Howard for Creed Bratton. The Blog is just a word document with a fake web address at the top. The main reason behind this mystery was to protect the world from exposure to Creed’s brain. However, Ryan also states that the entries made are really shocking, even for releasing on the internet.

Creed Thoughts is a fictional blog written by the character Creed Bratton from the American television series “The Office.” Creed Bratton, played by the actor of the same name, is a quirky and enigmatic character who works in the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company.

In the show, Creed occasionally shares his bizarre and often nonsensical thoughts through his blog, which he refers to as “Creed Thoughts.” These thoughts are usually unrelated to the office or everyday life, and they reflect Creed’s peculiar personality and unconventional worldview.

While specific entries from Creed Thoughts were not shown in detail on the show, the character’s sporadic musings provided humorous and unexpected moments for the audience. The content of Creed Thoughts typically ranged from strange anecdotes to nonsensical statements, often leaving other characters and viewers confused.

It’s important to note that Creed Thoughts is a fictional creation for “The Office” and doesn’t exist as an actual blog outside of the show. However, the character’s blog posts have become popular among fans who enjoy the eccentricity and unpredictability of Creed Bratton’s character.

Creed Thought Quotes

The Creedthoughts are podcasts on the channel that occurs from time to time. This thought is from May 17, 6:20 PM. It revolves around a story where Ryan was working as a director of quality assurance. In that instance, he went to the beach and did not explain adequately.

Creed Thought Quotes

As Ryan speaks, our manager there instructed us to eat hot coals while we were there. I decided to eat a fish since I found that to be somewhat suspicious. Suddenly a woman I haven’t seen in my life genuinely began speaking loudly about something involving Halpert.

I would say she was agitated. She was certainly doing drugs, either cocaine or ‘drugs, as far as I could tell. She is also a knockout. I see a young Daphne Du Maurier in her. I also foolishly ate the fishbones. After the previous incident, I vowed to never do it again, but when you turned around, they were already in my mouth. I also set a world record by eating 55 hot dogs in 15 minutes.

Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey discuss ‘Creed Thoughts’ on their podcast

Creed discusses his blog, “Creed Thoughts,” in “The Job.” The blog, even for the internet, was “startling,” according to Ryan (B.J. Novak). If you pause just right on Creed’s computer, you’ll notice the entry below, which gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind:

“It’s the same Creed Bratton attacking you once more. I’m writing this from my vantage point as the Quality Assurance Manager at Dunder Mifflin Paper. Just a few thoughts on what I’ve noticed in the world. What kind of car, in your opinion, is the best? Motorcycles are unbeatable in my opinion. They are hazardous and little. I climbed inside an automobile.”

It is revealed that the Creed’s document is just a word document. However, it didn’t stop the office crew from pondering on what blog was written. Even though the blog was only active between 2007 and 2008, it has been preserved online so that you can continue to laugh at Creed Bratton’s antics.

The subject of this blog was brought up on Office Women, and Fischer clarified that Jason Kessler, a writers’ assistant on the show, actually ran a “Creed Thoughts” blog on for just over a year. I had a look at it, Fischer said. There are a lot of incredible things. He has a lengthy account of how, after staying late one evening at work, he discovered a squirrel in Michael’s safe. One of the stories is that one.

Creed Thoughts Twitter

Creed thoughts has a Twitter profile on his name with 7625 followers currently. Twitter is moderately active and the followers are able to see the previous data and posts. However, the last tweet was made on May 1, 2013. There are no tweets from the past ten years which leads to the downfall of the followers.Creed Thoughts Twitter

The followers always urge to have regular tweets and updates on social media platforms. Creed Thoughts was about 87 years old on the platform during this time. he used to share personal blogs on the platform for the users to explore.

www Creedthoughts gov www creedthoughts Amazon

Creed thoughts was one of the most popular bloggers that made his name on multiple platforms. One such platform is Amazon which is providing books and products related to it. Amazon is selling the creed thoughts t-shirt on its shopping page and earning profits by using the name. The blog writers and readers have mutual respect towards this man for is legacy.

Google Books and Amazon are selling soft and hard copies of the books. These books are selling in the markets because of the content lovers who love to explore. The major part of the book was the podcast on the platform that created controversy back then.


Creed thoughts a blog that was controversial and that turned out to be a simple word document. A little controversy made a wholesome noise and started to gain popularity. Moreover, it provided the opportunity for the market giants to run a business over it.

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