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Archer Queen Launch Party Deck Clash Royale

Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – “She is fast, lethal and hard to catch. Be careful of her crossbow bolts and try not to blink – you might miss her!”

The Archer Queen card is ajar upon reaching King Level 14. She is a single-target ranged troop who targets both Ground and Air units with moderately significant damage per second and hitpoints. Being a Champion card, she will stay out of the player’s card cycle and only return once she is demolishing. The Archer Queen’s ability makes her invisible (Similar to the Royal Ghost) and upsurges her attack speed significantly for a short time. Although this also slows her walking pace, it doesn’t matter if she locks on to a target. She appears as an Archer, except she has a crown, purple hair, a more extensive quiver and wields a crossbow while still being barefoot. An Archer Queen card costs 5 Elixir to deploy, and her ability costs an additional

“Activates stealth mode and shoots her arrows faster!”

The Archer Queen has a unique ability, accessible from the rightmost side of the screen just above the player’s card slots in battle. After a 1-second delay, the Archer Queen activates her “Cloaking Cape”, becoming invisible (unforgettable by enemy troops). Her attack speed is an edit to one-third of its original value for 3 seconds. However, while the Cloaking Cape is active, the Archer Queen’s movement speed will be decreased. In addition, the ability goes on a 15-second cooldown after the duration ends—the Cloaking Cape ability costs.

There are so many cards to choose from in Clash Royale. So many synergize with each other quite nicely, but it’s possible to screw up and build a deck that doesn’t have any viable strategies. For example, suppose you’re looking to centre your balcony on the Archer Queen (one of four champions). Read on for some of the best builds. It may take you some time to acquire all the necessary cards, but once you do, you’ll be free to charge in, control the enemy crowd, keep your team healed, and more.

Archer Queen Giant Graveyard Deck

It is a great deck strategy, no matter what Champion you choose. Place the Graveyard near an enemy tower, and when the Giant targets the same outlook, he’ll tank all the incoming fire. It leaves the skeletons from the Graveyard free to attack the tower itself. Combined with the other cards in the deck, you can genuinely mob your opponent, with the Archer Queen firing her crossbow.

Structure an Archer Queen deck in Clash Royale? Here are the best we’ve found

Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – Supercell has released a pretty significant update to Clash Royale by adding not only a new King Level but also introducing Champions that ups that skill ceiling once again, separating the true Clash Royale beasts from the online rookies.

The Champions introduced are the Skeleton King, Excellent Knight, and what this object is focusing on, Archer Queen. All three of these Winners are powerful in their own right and have unique abilities that should offer you that edge you need to beat out your opponent.

Of course, with these new Winners, you’ll also need to build new decks around them to maximize your chances of winning. Below, we’ll showcase two of the best Archer Queen decks we’ve found so that if you want to rock this Champion, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to create the top decks around.

Best Archer Queen launch party deck in Clash Royale

Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – iOS 16 Developer Beta 7 release date prediction & iOS 16 Public Beta 4 changes

As previously stated, we’ll show you the best Archer Queen decks currently available. We’ve sourced these decks from various top players and well-known deck creators, so you can trust that they’re the cream of the crop.

Boss_CR’s best Archer Queen deck

Boss_CR has jumped on the Archer Queen bandwagon and created a fantastic Clash Royale deck that has been destroying anyone who got in his way. At the time of the script, he is currently number 1 on the ladder, so don’t take our word for it. How ever, the deck’s success speaks for itself.


Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – It Archer Queen does severe damage even without her ability, so a response is always needed to prevent too much damage to your tower. Due to her high DPS and ranged capabilities, she is a perfect response to any single big unit.

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