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app. villa. rocks link

App. Villa. Rocks Link:

App. Villa. Rocks Link – Villa brings 2030 immersive team teamwork right into 2022 and is the cure to burnout when working from the wife. Villa meetings are far more powerful and creative than IRL and videoconferencing combined.

Met averse: DIY Practical Worlds

Villa is a VR platform for team partnership in thrilling immersive settings. Choose from dozens or produce your own! For teams with up to 100 simultaneous numbers per villa. And also, Villas interconnect for company-wide users, from engineering to product, finance, C-Suite, and Board professionals in a shared space in VR. And also, Gallery tech capabilities. Spawn gallery, connect wallet, and post NFTs! It’s that simple.

Examples are Happy Hours, stand-ups, road mapping, 1:1s, private client meetings, off-sites, board meetings, and business conferences in places like a coastal villa in Spiaggia, Sicily, the Dolomite Alps, a French Riviera winery, and an infinite variety of areas you make yourself. And also, Choice. Save. Done. No need to code. Scan and upload your office from your phone. Or choose from permanent repositories we provide. And also, We recently added easy NFT integration. If you’re an NFT or art collector, you’ll love Villa!

Villa = like Discord Channel + Zoom in 3D

Villa is a creativity-driven collaborative computer-generated meeting setting giving tech specialists superpowers in VR.

Eviscerate Burnout and Strengthen Culture

Villa is the comeback to ‘Zoom fatigue’ by stroking you in exhilarating, immersive meeting experiences, giving you the riggings to interact, co-invent, and even play. Just like IRL, only with flying.

Perks – Better than IRL!

Now that specialists have been sent home, capital before tied to real estate, food, and perks, is unfettered up for virtual experiences that make remote work fun, creative, and rewarding

Villa is a premier Metaverse creation & NFT


Villa is a premier Metaverse creation & NFT collaboration platform in the “Most Popular” category over Oculus Quest. It requires zero code, design, or NFT skills – and is built for pros who want more than IRL or Zoom meetings. And also, Instead, Villa offers immersive collaboration with superpowers. And also, Villa is great for all pros, from consumers and NFT fans to enterprise teams like sales, engineering, design, product management, C Suite, boards, and client meetings. Villa is like Discord + Sandbox in 3D for professionals. Bring colleagues to conduct phenomenally creative happy hours, off-sites, networking events, conferences, road mapping, all-hands, and coming soon: watch performances. Also launching soon: buy/developer/sell/earn virtual real estate. On Villa, your imagination is your only limitation.

Types of Metaverse App. Villa. Rocks Link

This is a multiplayer platform for professionals & teams and is not recommended for solo use. Stand-ups, road mapping, happy hours, board meetings, design, 1:1s, and sites that are out of this world and far better than IRL.

A creativity platform, much like Slack + Zoom in 3D. Our focus is teams, giving tech professionals superpowers to be their best. Putting you in thrilling immersive meeting experiences, giving you the tools to interact, co-invent, and play

A meeting in VR is multiples more effective than IRL meetings: massive screens, drawing in the air, 1-click spawning of objects. Launched with multiple locations around the world. And also, At the heart of each area is your Villa, always unique as you personalize to reflect your team and organization’s personality and identity

Boost in Culture Metaverse

Improved camaraderie and positivity

Huge Cape and Pox savings to your company.

How to correctly set up a VR Viewer?

Install ‘Sites in VR’

Go to the ‘Play Store’ or ‘App Stock and connect to our free app ‘Sites in VR.’

Sites in VR were initially developed as a virtual tour app with over 1700 panoramic images. And also, The app also offers presets for familiar VR spectators and many personalization choices. And also, It has a combined QR code reader and works on devices without a gyroscope sensor.

Go to the Viewer Selection

Choose the goggles icon.

Sites in the VR app’s main view.

Choose Your Viewer

There are three different habits to configure your viewer:

Choose from the Pre-sets:

Scan the QR Code:

If your viewer came with a QR code (it has a small viewer image in the central), you could automatically set up your viewer. And also, Selecting ‘Scan QR Code’ will bring up the camera.

Direct the rear camera to the QR code. And also, If there are more QR codes in the vicinity, cover them with your other pointer to avoid misunderstanding.

Example QR Code, Printed on a VR Viewer

The QR code is a shortened URL address. And also, The actual limits are read from the internet. And also, So make sure you have an internet joining. If all is fine, the app will request authorization if the QR code should be the default viewer.


Instant pre-account free usage. 100 simultaneous VR users. And also, No ads & big on privacy. Fly supersonic! Unlimited full-body avatars. Publish Metaverses & displays with art and melody; no code/Unity/Blender required. Upload home/office/HQ. Collaborate privately or publicly like ‘Discord + Sandbox in 3D’ for pros. Access all features with a paid account. And also, Connect your wallet. Buy/develop/sell/earn virtual real estate. Villas are 3D channels offering private cone accommodations and vast outdoor experiences—offspring hundreds of thousands of free keyword searchable 3D objects for events and presentations.

Drag/drop your office/home, or any ob., fix, golf, glob, jpeg, pig, mp3 to your web account, or choose from responses in-app, then go inside! Enjoy public Metaverses, trials, NFT parades, and meet pros. And also, As an admin, curtain who joins your Metaverse. And also, Villa will make your meetings creative, productive, and thrilling! “Business Travel,” real estate, 3D map walkthroughs. You’ll never want to go back to IRL/Zoom meetings.

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